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gersdorf              immenhausen              hohenfelde              illingen              schrozberg              neusorg              neuenkirchen              freystadt              stadtlengsfeld              torgelow              burladingen              trebbin              obererbach              grosselfingen              wilhelmsdorf              alsbach              ellhofen              kreuzburg              neubrunn              altenstadt              wendeburg              oldisleben              glien              heilbad              volkach              leichlingen              herbolzheim              asbach              breitenbrunn              holzhausen              mihla              jettingen              elsdorf              aichhalden              wasungen              waldrach              dobitschen              kemnath              lengenfeld              neukalen              ilshofen              lichtenau              oberderdingen              bretzfeld              niefern              malchin              vatterode              friolzheim              penkun              treffurt             

Examples of "hartmannsdorf"
Hartmannsdorf (Hartmannsdorf bei Chemnitz) is a small municipality in the district Mittweida, Free State of Saxony, Germany, near the town Chemnitz. As of 2005 it has a population of 4,805.
Hartmannsdorf is a municipality in the district Saale-Holzland, in Thuringia, Germany.
Hartmannsdorf bei Kirchberg is a municipality in the district Zwickau, in Saxony, Germany.
Hartmannsdorf-Reichenau is a municipality in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, in Saxony, Germany.
Markt Hartmannsdorf is a municipality in the district of Weiz in the Austrian state of Styria.
Hartmannsdorf is a municipality in the district of Greiz, in Thuringia, Germany.
The river passes through Reichenau, Kleinbobritzsch, Hartmannsdorf, Friedersdorf, Oberbobritzsch and Niederbobritzsch, Naundorf, Falkenberg, Krummenhennersdorf, Reinsberg and Bieberstein.
Stalag IV-F was a German World War II prisoner-of-war camp in Hartmannsdorf bei Chemnitz, Saxony.
Fucking Hell is not brewed in Fucking, but was originally brewed in the Brauerei Waldhaus, a brewery in the the Black Forest town of Waldhaus, Weilheim in Germany. From 2013, production moved to the Brauerei Hartmannsdorf in Hartmannsdorf, near Chemnitz. At the time of the launch of Fucking Hell, there was no brewery in the village of Fucking.
He grew up in Markt Hartmannsdorf, a municipality in the state of Styria, where his father was a dentist. His son Max Simonischek is also an actor.
The source of the river is located about south-east of Frauenstein in the Eastern Ore Mountains, above Hartmannsdorf-Reichenau on the edge of Kreuzwald forest and from Weicheltmühle (a watermill) on Gimmlitz river.
Boon Rawd bought two German breweries at Hartmannsdorf and Mittweida, Saxony in 1994. Singha beer is brewed in Germany by Schlossbrauerei Au-Hallertau under licence from Singha Corporation Co., Ltd..
Miłoszów (Hartmannsdorf in German) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Leśna, within Lubań County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland, near the border with the Czech Republic. Prior to 1945 it was in Germany.
Born in Hartmannsdorf near Kirchberg in Saxony, Graupner received his first musical instruction from his uncle, an organist named Nicolaus Kuester. Graupner went to the University of Leipzig where he studied law (as did many composers of the time) and then completed his musical studies with Johann Kuhnau, the cantor of the Thomasschule (St. Thomas School).
Ernst Christoph von Nassau descended from a Silesian family in Hartmannsdorf near Glogau. The property was purchased in 1600 by his grandfather, Ernst von Nassau. Ernst Christoph's son, Christoph Erdmann (1722–1752), was already a cornet with him in Saxon service and died as his father's general adjutant and a Prussian captain. With him, the male line expired.
The Diamant works in Hartmannsdorf are the oldest producing bicycle factory in Germany. Since 2004 it has been the site for the European production of Trek Bicycle Corporation. Trek took over the Villiger-Diamant production facility which they had purchased in 2003.
In 1994, Boon Rawd Brewery bought a brewery in Hartmannsdorf and another Mittweida, Saxony. Until 2001, these had produced Singha Gold for the European market under contract, although Singha beer itself has always been brewed in Thailand. Nowadays, all of the Singha brands are only made in Thailand, thus preserving the original taste even for the export market.
It can be further divided into Friesach proper and the villages and hamlets of Dobritsch, Dörfl, Engelsdorf, Gaisberg, Grafendorf, Guldendorf, Gundersdorf, Gunzenberg, Gwerz, Harold, Hartmannsdorf, Hundsdorf, Ingolsthal, Judendorf, Kräuping, Leimersberg, Mayerhofen, Moserwinkl, Oberdorf I, Oberdorf II, Olsa, Pabenberg, Reisenberg, Roßbach, Sattelbogen, Schratzbach, Schwall, Silbermann, St. Johann, St. Salvator, St. Stefan, Staudachhof, Stegsdorf, Timrian, Wagendorf, Wels, Wiegen, Wiesen, Zeltschach, Zeltschachberg, Zienitzen, Zmuck.
In 1964 the Hartmannsdorf Forest ("Hartmannsdorfer Wald") that surrounded the summit became a military out-of-bounds zone. No until the disbandment of the Schneeberg mountain infantry battalion in March 2008 did the 1,600 hectare area of woodland become accessible again.
Prior to 1945 the village was in Germany and known as Ober Groß Hartmannsdorf. After World War II the region was placed under Polish administration by the Potsdam Agreement under territorial changes demanded by the Soviet Union. Most Germans fled or were expelled and replaced with Poles expelled from the Polish areas annexed by the Soviet Union.