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Examples of "havelock_ellis"
Introduction by Algernon Charles Swinburne, with Havelock Ellis, two volumes
Havelock Ellis wrote positively on her studies of human sexuality.
Notes by Havelock Ellis, series introduction by John Addington Symonds
Northcote corresponded with Havelock Ellis, and helped to popularise the term 'inversion' for homosexuality.
Edited by H. P. Horne, A. W. Verity, Arthur Symons and Havelock Ellis
She was connected to the European vanguard, corresponding with Havelock Ellis, whom she translated, and Margaret Sanger.
Collis's first book, a biography of George Bernard Shaw, was published in 1925, followed by biographies of Havelock Ellis, August Strindberg, Leo Tolstoy, the Carlyles and Christopher Columbus.
Based in Dresden, Schurig is known for his "Spermatologia Historico-Medica", often known simply as "Spermatologia", published in Latin in 1720. Havelock Ellis quotes freely from his works.
According to Havelock Ellis, most multi-orgasmic men (and their partners) report that multiple orgasms lead to a highly energetic post-orgasmic state.
Rabbi Jung cites the contemporary philosophies of Havelock Ellis, “The Dance of Life” (1923), Hans Driesch, and Henri Bergson to prove the vitality of life.
Gynophobia was previously considered a driving force toward homosexuality. In his 1896 "Studies in the Psychology of Sex", Havelock Ellis wrote:
Haddon ran a girls' school in Dover. She paid for Havelock Ellis to pursue his study of medicine at St Thomas's Hospital.
Edith Mary Oldham Ellis (née Lees; 1861, Manchester – 1916, Paddington, London) was an English writer and women's rights activist. She was married to the early sexologist Havelock Ellis.
In 1898 Havelock Ellis, an English sexologist, used the term "narcissus-like" in reference to excessive masturbation, whereby the person becomes his or her own sex object.
In 1914, Ives, together with Edward Carpenter, Magnus Hirschfeld, Laurence Housman and others, founded the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology. He also kept in touch with other progressive psychologists such as Havelock Ellis and Professor Cesare Lombroso.
A Lieber family source adds these further clients: Joseph Milton Bernstein, Whittaker Chambers, Havelock Ellis, Albert Malkin, Lewis Mumford, Arthur Simmons, and Richard Wright; and possibly Maurice Halperin, Lillian Hellman, and Leon Trotsky.
The approach taken by the SADF to treating the homosexual and transsexual patients were done with extremely old knowledge that can be taken back to the ideologies of Havelock Ellis.
The book contains biographies of the Marquis de Sade, D. H. Lawrence, A. C. Swinburne, James Joyce, Yukio Mishima, Henry Miller, Paul Tillich, Arthur Koestler, Percy Grainger, Havelock Ellis, Magnus Hirschfeld, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Charlotte Bach.
Nevertheless, “he sometimes disagreed with others in the group, and over the years he had been repeatedly outmanoeuvred and overruled by Shaw, Sidney Webb, and their supporters. Fellow members included Edward Pease, Havelock Ellis, and Frank Podmore.
Sexologists such as Henry Havelock Ellis and Alfred Kinsey began conducting research in the area of human sexuality during the first half of the 20th century. This work was groundbreaking and controversial in the scientific arena.