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Examples of "hawkesby"
For 3 weeks in January–February 1999, John Hawkesby became a weekday newsreader for One News, replacing Richard Long (who moved to presenting weekend bulletins alongside Liz Gunn). The change was short-lived, and Hawkesby received a $5.2m payout.
Hawkesby is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
In 2009, he married fellow broadcaster Kate Hawkesby. She has 3 children from her previous marriage
His position as Head of Television at TVNZ ended in 2002. This followed the Hawkesby affair. Hawkesby was hired from TV3 by TVNZ to read the news, replacing Richard Long, but was later sacked. Hawkesby was subsequently awarded a record-breaking $6 million by an arbitrator.
In August 1997, Hawkesby published "Save The Last Dance For Me".
In 1998, TV3 revamped its presentation, shortening the show's name to "3 News" and adding another presenter. They initially planned for Hawkesby and ex-TVNZ journalist Carol Hirschfeld to co-host. The planned Hawkesby-Hirschfeld team never eventuated, with John Campbell taking the male anchor role when Hawkesby walked out of TV3 to host One News. TV3 later sued TVNZ for "interfering with the relationship" between Hawkesby and TV3. The two parties settled out of court at the end of 2000 for an undisclosed amount.
John Langley Hawkesby, MNZM (born 1947) is a former news presenter for ONE News and 3 News in New Zealand.
Hawkesby attended Auckland Grammar School in 1964. His started his broadcasting career in 1972 when he researched and presented Radio New Zealand's "Reflecting On" programme. This programme achieved six Mobil Radio Awards for "Excellence in Broadcasting". In 1986 Hawkesby moved to Radio Hauraki and read the breakfast news. In 1977 he joined TV2 as newsreader and in 1981 presented the top rating "Top Half" regional news programme for TVNZ. Hawkesby went on to host the popular "It's in the Bag" programme with co-host Hilary Timmins. In 1992 Hawkesby moved to TV3 as newsreader and in 1995 and 1996 was voted "TV Guide"'s People's Choice "Best Presenter", and "Best Newsreader". On 16 February 1998, Hawkesby left TV3 after the introduction of a co-anchor. He was due to start presenting alongside Carol Hirschfeld, but pulled out at the last moment. John Campbell filled his place at the last minute.
Kate Hawkesby began presenting on TV2 Headline News, then fronted the "Breakfast" and "Midday" news, job sharing with Simon Dallow.
Kate Hawkesby, a television personality and anchor for One News. She is shown as incredibly vain and with a penchant for bizarre garments.
For 3 weeks in January–February 1999, in a controversial move, Hawkesby became a weekday newsreader for ONE News, replacing Richard Long (who moved to presenting weekend bulletins alongside Liz Gunn). TVNZ's reason for this change was to try and capture some of the chemistry that Bailey and Hawkesby had during their days presenting "Top Half". The change was short-lived, Long returned to the weekday bulletins, presenting alongside Bailey and Hawkesby received a $5.2m payout. In 2005 the highest paid New Zealand newsreaders received $800,000pa.
In 1998, TVNZ signed "3 News" anchor John Hawkesby to replace Richard Long from the start of 1999. But when Haweskby began presenting "One Network News" at 6 pm alongside Judy Bailey, there was a public outcry over the separation of Bailey and Long, that lead to Long reinstated as co-anchor at 6 pm three weeks later. Hawkesby later took TVNZ to court, a dispute that he subsequently won.
John is the father of former TVNZ broadcaster Kate Hawkesby, and is the father-in-law of fellow broadcaster Mike Hosking.
Hawkesby has been a finalist in the Qantas Television Awards Best Presenter category six times, and was a finalist in the People's Choice Award for Best Female TV Personality 2005.
Television New Zealand's new TVNZ 6 channel began screenings of selected Selwyn Toogood and John Hawkesby episodes when the channel began transmission on the new Freeview service on September 30, 2007.
On top of her newsreading duties, Hawkesby has also hosted a raft of TV specials for TV One, including "The Lord of the Rings" premiere in Wellington, the World of Wearable Art Awards, and the Young Musician of the Year Awards.
Kate Hawkesby (born 1973) is a New Zealand radio announcer and television presenter who currently works as a substitute breakfast news reader for Newstalk ZB. While working as a reporter, presenter and news reader for TVNZ between 1995 and 2007 she became the youngest person to present a One News at 6 bulletin.
In 2013, Matiatia again became a hotspot for controversy as a group of residents proposes a private marina at the terminal. Some of the veterans of the protests a decade prior (led by local resident, retired newsreader John Hawkesby), re-emerged to oppose. The Environment Court decided in favour of the residents.
She also hosted the launch of Fashion Week in 2004. Offscreen Hawkesby works as an MC for many corporates and charities, supporting the Starship Foundation, Child Cancer, and the Breast Cancer Research Trust. She also took part in this year's Make Poverty History Campaign.
Hawkesby has a Political Studies degree, and has worked overseas on London's "Daily Express" newspaper before returning to New Zealand to get married. Her marriage to Richard Lyne ended in 2007 after twelve years; they have three children. Her second marriage is with Mike Hosking; he has two children from his previous marriage.