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Examples of "haylift"
"Operation Haylift" was a modest B movie whose "... most interesting moments come during sequences of the Flying Boxcars, lent by the Air Force for the film." Aviation film historians Jack Hardwick and Ed Schnepf cynically dismissed "Operation Haylift" as "... good if you like to watch C-82s dropping hay."
Operation Haylift is a 1950 American aviation film by William Berke starring Bill Williams, Ann Rutherford, and Tom Brown. The film documents the United States Air Force mission in 1948–49 to save thousands of cattle caught in the snowdrifts of a sudden winter storm in northern Nevada. "Operation Haylift" involved scores of cargo aircraft delivering hay to the stranded animals.
In January 1950, scenes for the film "Operation Haylift" were shot at the Hotel Nevada, which also served as headquarters for the cast and crew. Scenes for the 2008 film, "My Blueberry Nights", were shot at Hotel Nevada.
The first flight is a great success and, while President Harry S. Truman requests emergency funds for the ranchers, the 62nd Troop Carrier Group continues its haylift operation. When Bill gets stuck in a snow drift, he has to ride on horseback into Ely for help. Tom flies a mission to drop hay to Bill's animals and eventually, with the successful conclusion of Operation Haylift, thousands of tons of hay dropped over an area of 85,000 square miles saved a million head of cattle and two million sheep.
The North Dakota Air National Guard has been tasked to perform its state mission on many occasions. Prominent examples include Operation Haylift in 1949, providing relief to blizzard-bound farms and ranches, and more recently, Operation Snowball and Operation Good Neighbor in 1997, to combat unprecedented winter snowfall and spring flooding conditions throughout North Dakota.
1st Fighter Interceptor Wing reassigned to Fourth Air Force on 1 July 1950. Trained in fighter and reconnaissance operations and supported strategic bombardment training, 1947-1950. Was integrated experimentally with a reconnaissance wing, 1947-1949, and with the 22d Bomb Wing, sharing commanders during much of this time. Supported Operation Haylift, a humanitarian effort to deliver food to snowbound cattle in the western United States, 1949.
Undoubtedly the most dramatic episode of the postwar period at Marshall AFB came early in 1949 when the base contributed its facilities, planes, and helicopters to "Operation Haylift" bringing relief to snowbound areas in several Western states. Another memorable event was the emergency landing on 6 August 1948 of a B-29 Superfortress which had made a record-breaking 5,120-mile non-stop flight from Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany.
Production of "Operation Haylift" took place in Ely, the center of the actual operation. The opening credits include the following written prologue: "This production was photographed entirely in Ely, Nevada, and was made possible through the cooperation of the Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force and the Department of Agriculture." In the months prior to production, producer Joe Sawyer and cameraman Benjamin Kline made six trips to Ely to arrange filming locations. Filming began on January 11, 1950, and was expected to last at least eight days. Primary filming locations included Ely's main street, the office of United Stockmen, various ranches, and Ely Airport. Ely's Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall was also used as a filming location, and also served as headquarters for the cast and crew. For filming, the United States Air Force provided C-82s from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. More than 200 local residents appeared in the film, primarily in crowd scenes.
A string of natural disasters hit in 1996, including a drought in the Great Plains and Hurricane Bertha in the Carolinas dealt substantial blows to family farm income and made it harder than ever for farmers to make a living from their land. Farm Aid coordinated a farmer to farmer haylift in which farmers from the Carolinas sent hay out to drought stricken farmers in Texas and Oklahoma. Farm Aid '96 was held in Columbia, South Carolina. As Farm Aid founder Willie Nelson stated at the news conference, "We are proud to hold Farm Aid '96 in Columbia, South Carolina, a region with a rich agricultural tradition and hard working men and women who struggle every day to make a living on the land. We hope this concert will remind the nation that we need to change the way we think about the food we eat and the people who grow it. It's important that we have someone there growing the food who cares for the land." The concert took place on October 12 and included Columbia's own Hootie and the Blowfish, the Beach Boys, Martina McBride, Grand Old Opry star John Conlee, and Jewel. Once again, TNN: The Nashville Network, televised the show.