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africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              occipitalis_beaudouin_snake              rueppelli_eurasian              backed_vulture_gyps              throated_robin_irania              bellied_cuckooshrike              erythronotos              guifsobalito              bellied_bustard_eupodotis_senegalensis              eagle_circaetus_beaudouini_brown              savile_bustard              crested_elaenia_elaenia_albiceps              collared_starling              bellied_antbird              billed_barbet              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              throated_canary_crithagra              lored_tyrannulet              fronted_nunbird              necked_stork_ciconia_episcopus              eared_catbird              crowned_hornbill              lophotis              winged_cuckooshrike              cinnyris_talatala              crowned_pigeon_patagioenas              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              monkey_ateles_marginatus              bellied_sunbird              winged_parakeet_brotogeris              throated_munia              white_winged_redstart              throated_caracara              plumed_honeyeater              throated_bulbul              headed_capuchin_cebus              throated_redstart              faced_heron_egretta              vulture_torgos_tracheliotos_white              winged_bishop_euplectes              griffon_gyps              galactotes              throated_wren              gorgeted_flycatcher              family_sarothruridae              thighed              fronted_bee_eater              tailed_wheatear_oenanthe_leucopyga              lc_rhipidura              bellied_woodpecker_dryocopus_javensis             

Examples of "headed_vulture_trigonoceps"
The white-headed vulture ("Trigonoceps occipitalis") is an Old World vulture endemic to Africa. Populations have been declining steeply in recent years due to habitat degradation and poisoning of vultures at carcasses.
The vulnerable bird species reported are: The Socotra cormorant ("Phalacrocorax nigrogularis"), white-headed vulture ("Trigonoceps occipitalis"), Beaudouin's snake-eagle ("Circaetus beaudouini"), greater spotted eagle ("Clanga clanga"), imperial eagle ("Aquila heliaca") and lesser kestrel ("Falco naumanni")
The number of avifaunal species reported is 528 to 530. Threatened species of birds with the IUCN designations of Least Concern (LC), Near-threatened (NT), Vulnerable (VU) or Endangered (EN) are: North African ostrich ("Struthio camelus camelus", LC); ferruginous duck ("Aythya nyroca", NT); lesser flamingo ("Phoenicopterus minor", NT); white-backed vulture ("Gyps africanus", NT); Rueppell's griffon ("Gyps rueppellii", NT); pallid harrier ("Circus macrourus", NT); red kite ("Milvus milvus", NT); Stanley bustard ("Neotis denhami", NT); Nubian bustard ("Neotis nuba", NT); corn crake ("Crex crex", NT); black crowned crane ("Balearica pavonina", NT); Eurasian curlew ("Numenius arquata", NT); black-tailed godwit ("Limosa limosa", NT); great snipe ("Gallinago media", NT); African skimmer ("Rynchops flavirostris", NT); European roller ("Coracias garrulus", NT); red-footed falcon ("Falco vespertinus", NT); sooty falcon ("Falco concolor", NT); white-headed vulture ("Trigonoceps occipitalis", VU); Beaudouin's snake-eagle ("Circaetus beaudouini", VU); lesser kestrel ("Falco naumanni", VU); and Egyptian vulture ("Neophron percnopterus", EN).
In Burkina Faso, as of 2005, 497 bird species of various families, including 35 rare or accidental species, 12 near threatened species, three vulnerable species (lesser kestrel "Falco naumanni", white-headed vulture "Trigonoceps occipitalis" and Beaudouin's snake-eagle "Circaetus beaudouini") and one endangered species (Egyptian vulture "Neophron percnopterus") have been reported. These cover species under several families such as: thirteen of Anatidae, one of Numididae (helmeted guineafowl "Numida meleagris"), six of Phasianidae, one of Podicipedidae, two of Ciconiidae, one of Anhingidae (African darter "Anhinga rufa"), one of Pelecanidae (great white pelican "Pelecanus onocrotalus"), one of Scopidae (hamerkop "Scopus umbretta"), seventeen of Ardeidae, five of Threskiornithidae, one of Pandionidae family (osprey "Pandion haliaetus"), thirty-nine of Accipitridae (mostly eagles, vultures and hawks), one of Sagittariidae (secretary-bird "Sagittarius serpentarius"), eleven of "Falconidae", nine of Rallidae, one of Rallidae (African finfoot "Podica senegalensis"), six of Otididae, one of Gruidae (black crowned-crane "Balearica pavonina"), three of Burhinidae, eleven of Charadriidae, two of Recurvirostridae, two of Jacanidae, eighteen of Scolopacidae, two of Turnicidae, five of Glareolidae, one of Rostratulidae (Greater painted-snipe "Rostratula benghalensis"), eight of Laridae, two of Pteroclidae, thirteen of Columbidae, two of Psittacidae, two of Musophagidae, twelve of Cuculidae (cuckoos), one of Tytonidae (barn owl "Tyto alba"), eight of Strigidae, eight of Apodidae, one of Coliidae (blue-naped mousebird "Urocolius macrourus"), one of Trogonidae (Narina trogon "Apaloderma narina"), nine of Alcedinidae, eight of Meropidae, five of Coraciidae, one of Upupidae (Eurasian hoopoe "Upupa epops", two of Phoeniculidae, four of Bucerotidae, four of Lybiidae, two of Indicatoridae, two of Indicatoridae, nine of Picidae, three of Platysteiridae, two of Prionopidae, nine of Malaconotidae, two of Campephagidae, nine of Laniidae, two of Oriolidae, three of Dicruridae, two of Monarchidae, three of Corvidae, one of Nicatoridae (yellow-spotted nicator "Nicator chloris", nine of Alaudidae, seventeen of Hirundinidae, one of Stenostiridae (African blue-flycatcher "Elminia longicauda"), one of Paridae (white-shouldered black-tit "Parus guineensis"), two of Remizidae, one of Certhiidae (spotted creeper "Salpornis salvadori"), two of Pycnonotidae, four of Phylloscopidae, six of Acrocephalidae, twenty of Cisticolidae, one of Hyliotidae (yellow-bellied hyliota "Hyliota flavigaster"), twenty-seven species of Muscicapidae, three of Turdidae, three of Timaliidae, one of Zosteropidae (African yellow white-eye "Zosterops senegalensis"), nine of Sturnidae, one of Buphagidae (yellow-billed oxpecker "Buphagus africanus"), eight of Motacillidae, four of Emberizidae, three of Fringillidae, three of Passeridae, nineteen of Ploceidae, nineteen of Estrildidae and six of Viduidae.
The species found are of several families namely; one of Struthionidae (ostrich) "Struthio camelus", 19 of Anatidae (one neatly threatened, Maccoa duck "Oxyura maccoa"), two of Numididae, 11 of Phasianidae, three of Podicipedidae, two of Phoenicopteridae (including one threatened species of lesser flamingo "Phoenicopterus minor"), eight Ciconiidae, two of Phalacrocoracidae, one of Anhingidae (African darter "Anhinga rufa"), two of Pelecanidae, one of Scopidae (hamerkop "Scopus umbretta"), 19 of Ardeidae (includes one slaty egret "Egretta vinaceigula", vulnerable and one enedangered species of Madagascar pond-heron "Ardeola idae"), one of Scopidae (hamerkop "Scopus umbretta", two Pelecanidae, two of Phalacrocoracidae, one of Anhingidae (darter "Anhinga melanogaster"), 13 of Falconidae (including lesser kestrel "Falco naumann" vulnerable species, three near threatened species namely, red-footed falcon "Falco vespertinus", sooty falcon "Falco concolor" and Taita falcon "Falco fasciinucha"), 49 of Accipitridae (including one endangered species Egyptian vulture "Neophron percnopterus", two vulnerable species namely, Cape griffon "Gyps coprotheres" and white-headed vulture "Trigonoceps occipitalis" and three near threatened species namely, African white-backed vulture "Gyps africanus", southern banded snake-eagle "Circaetus fasciolatus" and pallid harrier "Circus macrourus"), five of Otididae (including one near threatened species Denham's bustard "Neotis denhami"), 18 of Rallidae (includes one endangered species white-winged flufftail "Sarothrura ayresi" and near threatened species corncrake "Crex crex"), one of Heliornithidae (African finfoot "Podica senegalensis" species), two of Gruidae (including vulnerable species wattled crane "Bugeranus carunculatus"), two of Turnicidae, two of Burhinidae, two of Recurvirostridae, 18 of Charadriidae (including one near threatened species chestnut-banded plover "Charadrius pallidus"), one of Rostratulidae (greater painted-snipe "Rostratula benghalensis" species), two of Jacanidae, 24 of Scolopacidae (including three nearly threatened species, great snipe "Gallinago media", black-tailed godwit "Limosa limosa" and Eurasian curlew "Numenius arquata"), five of Glareolidae (including one near threatened species black-winged pratincole "Glareola nordmanni"), nine Laridae (including one near threatened species African skimmer "Rynchops flavirostris"), four Pteroclididae, 14 of Columbidae (including one introduced species rock dove "Columba livia"), four of Psittacidae (including one threatened species Nyasa lovebird "Agapornis lilianae"), five of Musophagidae, 18 of Cuculidae, two of Tytonidae, 10 of Strigidae, seven of Caprimulgidae, 11 of Apodidae, two of Coliidae, one of Trogonidae (Narina's trogon "Apaloderma narina" species), five of Coraciidae (including one near threatened species European roller "Coracias garrulus"), nine of Alcedinidae, eight of Meropidae, one of Upupidae (common hoopoe "Upupa epops" species), two of Phoeniculidae, eight of Bucerotidae, one of Bucorvidae (southern ground hornbill "Bucorvus leadbeateri" species), seven of Ramphastidae, six of Indicatoridae, seven of Picidae, one of Eurylaimidae (African broadbill "Smithornis capensis" species), one of Pittidae (African pitta "Pitta angolensis" species), six of Platysteiridae, three of Prionopidae, 16 of Malaconotidae, three of Campephagidae, five of Laniidae, four of Oriolidae, two of Dicruridae, three of Monarchidae, three of Corvidae, two of Nicatoridae, 12 of Alaudidae (including near threatened species Latakoo lark "Mirafra cheniana"), 18 of Hirundinidae (including one vulnerable species blue swallow "Hirundo atrocaerulea"), three of Stenostiridae, five of Paridae, two of Remizidae, one of Certhiidae (spotted creeper "Salpornis salvadori" species), nine of Pycnonotidae, two of Phylloscopidae, 11 of Acrocephalidae, three of Megaluridae, 31 of Cisticolidae, nine of Sylviidae, one of Promeropidae (Gurney's sugarbird "Promerops gurneyi" species), one of Hyliotidae (southern hyliota "Hyliota australis" species), 31 of Muscicapidae (including one vulnerable species Swynnerton's robin "Swynnertonia swynnertoni"), five of Turdidae, three of Timaliidae, one of Zosteropidae (African yellow white-eye "Zosterops senegalensis" species), 10 of Sturnidae, two of Buphagidae, 16 of Nectariniidae (including one near threatened species plain-backed sunbird "Anthreptes reichenowi"), 19 of Motacillidae, five of Emberizidae, eight of Fringillidae, five of Passeridae, 24 of Ploceidae, 25 of Estrildidae and nine of Viduidae.