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Heddal Open Air Museum ("Heddal bygdetun") is an open-air museum located in the village of Heddal at Notodden in Telemark, Norway.
Heddal stave church () is a stave church located at Heddal in Notodden municipality, Norway.
In 2010, Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, which is located nearby at Rjukan in Tinn, took over operational management of Heddal Open Air Museum. Heddal and Notodden Museum Society ("Heddal og Notodden museumslag") retained ownership of the buildings and collections.
He was also involved in renovation projects including the excavations of the Hovedøya monastery and reconstruction on Heddal stave church ("Heddal stavkirke") in Telemark (1851).
Heddal Open Air Museum is located near the historic Heddal stave church. Heddal Museum has various buildings representative of the history of local farming dating from the Middle Ages and up to the 1930s. "Fyrileivstugu", a living room interior dating from 1932, was transferred to Heddal Museum in 1990. It was the work of noted wood carver and rosemaling artist, Olav Fyrileiv (1875-1975) who was a Telemark native.
The parish of "Hitterdal" was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). Notodden was separated from Heddal both as a city and a municipality of its own, in 1913. Heddal was subsequently merged with Notodden January 1, 1964. The Heddal clerical district consists of two parishes: Hitterdal and Lisleherad.
Notodden was separated from the municipality of Heddal in 1913 to become a separate city and municipality. On 1 January 1964, the rural municipalities of Heddal and Gransherad were merged into Notodden to form a new enlarged municipality.
Heddal is a village and parish in Notodden municipality in Telemark County, Norway.
Flaaten was previously deputy mayor of Heddal municipality in 1959–1960, and mayor in 1960–1961.
The original municipalities in the district were Hjartdal, Tinn and Heddal, which were created in 1837 when the formannskapsdistrikt laws came into effect. In 1860 Gransherad municipality was created from portions of Tinn and Hjartdal. Hovin municipality was created by a split from Gransherad in 1886, and Notodden by a split from Heddal in 1913. In 1964 Heddal and Gransherad were incorporated into Notodden whereas Hovin was incorporated into Tinn.
It was founded as a merger between the football departments of SK Snøgg and Heddal IL ahead of the 2000 season.
The village bordering to the parishes Tuddal, Gransherad, Lisleherad, Heddal, Seljordsbygda, Flatdal and Hjartdalsbygda. It also bordered earlier to Bøbygda before the current municipal boundary was set.
Notable people from Aust-Telemark include Myllarguten (1801-1872), legendary fiddler from Sauherad, Klaus Egge (1906-1979), composer from Gransherad and Hans Herbjørnsrud (1938-), author from Heddal.
Grenland is the core of a slightly larger traditional district known as Nedre Telemark ("Lower Telemark") which also includes Bø, Sauherad and Heddal.
Heddøla is a river in the municipalities Hjartdal and Notodden in Telemark, Norway. It starts from the junction of Hjartdøla and Skogsåa, and flows through the valley Heddal ending in the lake Heddalsvatnet.
Notodden is on the shore of Heddalsvatnet lake, and the Tinn River runs through the town into the lake. Norway's biggest stave church, Heddal stave church, can be seen a few kilometres from the city centre.
He was born in Heddal to Andres Johannessen and Ragnhild Amundsdatter. He served as mayor of Notodden 1922–1924, 1928–1931 and 1934–1940. He was elected representative to the Storting for the period 1925–1927, for the Labour Party.
Five farmers (Raud Rygi, Stebbe Straand, Kjeik Sem, Grut Grene and Vrang Stivi) from Heddal had made plans for a church, and they decided to have it built. This is how it happened:
The men's football team played in the highest league for the 1951–52 season. After the 1999 season, the team merged with Heddal IL's men's team to form Notodden FK. Notodden FK is a second-tier club.
The museum can be visited from June 15 through August 15 every summer. Heddal is a living museum, with a few animals still raised in the premises, giving the authentic feel of a farm to visitors.