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hyun              kyung              joo              jae              soo              eun              yeon              hye              seung              joon              seok              chul              yoon              jeong              chae              yoo              hyung              kwang              seong              jeon              hwan              jang              hyuk              baek              yeong              sook              suk              hyeon              cheol              wook              seon              woo              yong              byung              myung              gyu              woong              hwa              kyu              beom              kyeong              joong              seol              geun              kwon              byun              yeol              heon              taek              shik             

Examples of "hee"
The film details the relationship between two neighbours, Song-Hee a chef, and Yun-Hee an anorexic writer. After her divorce, Song-Hee moves in next door to Yun-Hee. Realising she is an anorexic, Song-Hee begins to torment Yun-Hee by offering her food, eventually forcing it upon her violently.
The next scene is of So-Hee crying with Eon-Joo on the roof. Eon-Joo smiles and tells So-Hee that she missed So-Hee her and that she wanted to return, but knew she would scare So-Hee, then So-Hee hugs Eon-Joo and said she was sorry. Eon-Joo tells So-Hee she can no longer return while So-Hee begs Eon-Joo to take her with her. However, Jeong-Eon grabs So-Hee's hand, and Eon-Joo tells So-Hee that she must stay to take care of Jeong-Eon and that So-Hee is now Jeong-Eon's older sister.
Astro Hua Hee Dai and Astro Hua Hee Dai HD features Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.
Ji Eun-hee (8), Catriona Matthew (8), Park Hee-young (8)
Jeong-ah's first appearance in this show as she entered the bistro, where Hee-dong was expecting her. Hee-dong was dumbfounded on seeing Jeong-an's beauty and the couple had a chat. Jeong-she mocked Hee-dong for being boyish, something that Hee-dong felt shameful. Hee-dong felt rather remorseful.
Goo Jae-Hee or Koo Jae-Hee (Korean: 구재희) may refer to:
The next scene showed the marathon, and Han-na running together with Hongguan. Hongguan shared his experience on running during his childhood days. Han-na told him to slow down, but Hong-guan insisted. Han-na asked for whereabouts about Hee-dong, who were running behind them, with Hee-ju. Hee-dong was criticising Hee-ju for cheating in exams, and that she would get a zero in her paper. Hee-ju stopped, and Hee-dong tagged her along and told her that it was a bitter experience for her. As Hee-dong started off, Hee-ju gave chase.
At the beginning of the drama, both sisters harbor feelings for Jae-hyuk, while he and Chul-woong both have desires on Yoon-hee, even though Jae-hyuk is engaged to Tae-hee. Seung-hee meanwhile, is keen on Chul-woong, which makes her jealous of Yoon-hee. She becomes even more jealous and spiteful when she realizes that Yoon-hee is the sister Tae-hee was looking for as she grew up in what she believed was a poor household. In the end, Yoon-hee agrees to marry Chul-woong before realizing how great his affection was for her in sacrificing his life to protect her.
He is married to Toh Puan Ong Ee Nah and has two sons: Hee Leong and Hee Kiat.
Hong Seok-hyun is the brother-in-law of Lee Kun-hee, the current chairman of Samsung Group. Lee Kun-hee is married to Hong’s sister Hong Ra-hee.
After lessons, Hee-dong did a handstand as Fengguan talked about the role of sexes in class. Fengguan stepped on Hee-dong's hand. Hee-dong gave a groan in pain as he hopped onto his feet.
A narration talked about Hee-dong's passion on dancing. "We did not pray for Hee-dong to fail, but neither did anybody pray for Hee-dong to succeed in the dancing industry", the narration concludes here.
At this time, Zhongnan and Hee-dong entered the cafe. Hee-dong mistook Young-min for dating with Jingen, and threw his book as he shouted angrily. The friends exchanged glances with Hee-dong.
subordinates to catch Seol-hee, but she is able to run away. That same night, Seol-hee learns how her father, Poong-cheon died. Wallso tells her that there are two enemies that Seol-hee is destined to vanquish: Yoo-baek, and Wallso herself. Shocked and desperate, Seol-hee leaves home: the beginning of a long journey of revenge.
Hee-dong collected his monthly pay from Yeon-ae. Hee-dong looked jubilant when Jeong-she told him to invite his friends to the bistro. Later, Hee-dong was seen helping to serve drinks to the customers. His friends were amazed at his attitude towards Jeong-she. Hee-dong amused his customers with simple stunts, but soon was tired out.
Hee-won admits that he still likes his best friend despite what she did and he wants her back. Hee-won makes her choose between him and Eun-gyu by threatening suicide. Jung-won chooses Hee-won, leaving Eun-gyu devastated. He gives her one last chance to come back to him but she breaks his heart again and chooses Hee-won.
Young-min walked into the campus, and met Jong-nam. They walked as they conversed, and the next scene lapses Hee-ju walking with Hee-dong. They sat down on the stairs for coffee. Just then, Hee-dong introduced Hee-ju to Jeong-an, who had come out of the main hall. Hee-ju felt rather tensed as Jeong-an stroked her hair. The trio then proceeded for a stroll around the campus.
Barney's personality was based on that of Ed Norton on the 1950s television series "The Honeymooners", played by Art Carney. Like Ralph Kramden on "The Honeymooners", Fred was constantly on the lookout for get-rich-quick schemes, while Barney, like Norton, found life satisfactory as it was, but participated in said schemes because Fred was his friend. Usually after Fred had hatched one of his plans, Barney showed his agreement by laughing and saying, "uh hee hee hee... OK, Fred!" or "hee hee hee... whatever you say, Fred!"
A few days later, the group were waiting for Young-min to arrive and officiate the meeting. As Jong-nam revealed her pleasure on Hee-dong for not entering the dancing industry, Hee-dong returned in crutches with his leg bandaged, limping about with a crutch and was being helped by Young-min into the cafe where their friends were waiting. Hee-dong revealed to his friends that he had thought of new dance techniques while resting in hospital for a few days. Hee-dong even suggested showing off to his friends, but was being "beaten up". Fengguan used Hee-dong's crutch and pointed at his face, to highlight Hee-dong's stupidity.
Hwa-young believes that Yeon-hee, her brother's ex-girlfriend, drove him to his death. When the unhappily married Yeon-hee is diagnosed with uterine cancer, Hwa-young volunteers to become a surrogate mother for her, all the while planning her revenge. Hwa-young conceives and gives birth, lets Yeon-hee raise the child, then destroys Yeon-hee by trying to take the child back. Later, Yeon-hee tries her best to get her child back. Yeon-hee's husband regrets for letting Yeon-hee go.