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Examples of "heinhold"
Gustav Heynhold (or Gustav Heinhold, 1800–1860) was a German botanist who worked at the botanic gardens of Dresden and Frankfurt.
Helmut Heinhold (July 1, 1927 – November 7, 2008) is a German rower who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics. In 1952 he was a crew member of the German boat which won the silver medal in the coxed pairs event.
Originally, it was assumed that the beginning of this letter concerned the activities of Tawagalawa. After Itamar Singer and Suzanne Heinhold-Krahmer stated their preferences for Piyama-Radu in 1983, most scholars relegated Tawagalawa to a minor role in the letter. There are technical difficulties, however, with accepting Piyama-Radu as the man who asked to become the Hittite king's vassal.