Synonyms for hemianesthesia or Related words with hemianesthesia

hemihypacusis              hypesthesia              hemiballismus              hemiachromatopsia              hemianopsia              hemihypesthesia              hemiparesis              quadriplegia              hemiballism              paresthesias              athetoid              dysphasia              areflexia              dysarthria              hypertonia              myokymia              quadriparesis              hemianopia              paresis              paresthetica              ataxic              ballismus              incoordination              plegia              telangiestasia              quadraparesis              hypokinesia              meige              athetosis              agraphia              monoplegia              ballism              fasciculations              ataxis              hypoesthesia              cerebal              hyporeflexia              hypsarrhythmia              paramyotonica              amyotrophy              fredreich              hyperkinesias              plexopathy              tetraplegia              polyradiculopathy              hypotonia              meralgia              agnosias              dysmetria              syringomyelia             

Examples of "hemianesthesia"
One novel use of this test has been to provide temporary pain relief from phantom limb pains in amputees and paraplegics. It can also induce a temporary remission of anosognosia, the visual and personal aspects of hemispatial neglect, hemianesthesia, and other consequences of right hemispheric damage.
Raymond made contributions in research of syringomyelia, neurasthenia, poliomyelitis, tabes dorsalis and diseases of the cauda equina, to name a few. He also investigated hemianesthesia, a condition involving semihemispheric loss of sensitivity due to lesions of the cerebral cortex. With psychologist Pierre Janet (1859–1947) he performed studies on neurosis and psychosomatic disorders. With Janet, he co-wrote ""Névroses et idées fixes"" and ""Les obsessions et la psychasthénie"".