Synonyms for hemidysplasia or Related words with hemidysplasia

syndactyly              perechymal              dysostosis              ectrodactyly              polydactyly              dysmorphism              postaxial              paresthetica              brachydactyly              monoplegia              masseters              hemiparesis              coxarthrosis              meralgia              microsomia              equinovarus              acrofacial              flexors              kyphoscoliosis              hemianopia              tetraplegia              rhizarthrosis              nondominant              extensors              synostosis              lumbricals              acrocephaly              diplegia              interossei              hemiplegic              epicanthus              scapulohumeral              arachnodactyly              stellectomy              carpus              gonarthrosis              piriformis              camptodactyly              peroneal              biceps              supinator              hemifacial              paresis              acrokeratoderma              brachium              arachnodactyl              plexitis              hydrocephaly              pronator              preaxial             

Examples of "hemidysplasia"
Congenital hemidysplasia with ichthyosiform erythroderma and limb defects (also known as "CHILD syndrome") is a genetic disorder with onset at birth seen almost exclusively in females. The disorder is related to CPDX2, and also has skin and skeletal abnormalities, distinguished by a sharp midline demarcation of the ichthyosis with minimal linear or segmental contralateral involvement.
Stephanie Jallen was born on 13 February 1996 in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Jallen was born with CHILD syndrome, Congenital Hemidysplasia with Ichthyosis and Limb Defects Syndrome. This meant that Jallen's left leg had to be amputated, her left side is under-developed, and she suffers from rashes. Her nickname, Hopper, comes from the fact that when her prosthetic limbs weren't being worn, she had to hop. Jallen has always been active and learned to play soccer with her friends. She does have a crutch but she uses it mainly for balance and is happy to stand or move around on her leg. In an interview she said that she would not want to have her limbs back to normal as that would just make her "boring".