Synonyms for hemileucus or Related words with hemileucus

melanonotus              leucogastra              hyperythrus              semicollared              auriceps              percnostola              lampornis              bitorquatus              canivetii              purpletuft              nunlet              starfrontlet              toucanet              aulacorhynchus              heterophasia              superciliaris              gorgeted              longirostra              nonnula              ocyceros              malacoptila              needletail              dendrocitta              spinetail              oriolus              actinodura              flufftail              tyrannina              chlorostilbon              pseudalethe              carpodectes              swainsonii              naped              guainumbi              hartlaubi              sclateria              conopophaga              poliocephala              laughingthrush              coeligena              inezia              gnateater              cinereiceps              dendrocincla              hyperythra              ruficauda              jobiensis              pririt              heliothryx              striaticeps             

Examples of "hemileucus"
The white-bellied mountaingem ("Lampornis hemileucus") is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae. It is found in Costa Rica and Panama.
The black-and-white antbird ("Myrmochanes hemileucus") is a species of bird in the family Thamnophilidae. It is monotypic within the genus Myrmochanes.
Asymphorodes hemileucus is a moth of the Agonoxenidae family. It was described by J.F.G. Clarke in 1986. It is found in French Polynesia.
The Abd al-Kuri sparrow ("Passer hemileucus") is a passerine bird endemic to the small island of Abd al Kuri (also spelled several other ways) in the Socotra archipelago of the Indian Ocean, off the Horn of Africa. Though this species was originally described as a distinct species, it was considered conspecific with the Socotra sparrow. A study by Guy Kirwan showed significant differences from the Socotra sparrow, and that the two sparrows might even have different origins. On the evidence that it is morphologically distinct, BirdLife International (and hence the IUCN Red List) recognised it as a species, and it was listed in the IOC World Bird List from December 2009. It has a very restricted distribution, and a population of under 1,000 individuals, so despite not having any known threats it is considered a Vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List.