Synonyms for henneveux or Related words with henneveux

nabringhen              meigneux              halinghen              cambligneul              hallines              harprich              coingt              rimboval              languimberg              ivergny              fonteny              lantenne              vittoncourt              pierrerue              curchy              blangermont              hurtigheim              rouairoux              vilsberg              limeyrat              fossieux              ypreville              fouencamps              frettecuisse              clerques              varize              bissezeele              vinnemerville              ergny              hiermont              lavaufranche              hocquinghen              castagnac              montjay              jessains              verlincthun              guemps              fontoy              annouville              barbarens              veckersviller              thoix              oresmaux              huchenneville              fouligny              valmunster              gravigny              vignely              beussent              bussuel             

Examples of "henneveux"
Henneveux is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France region of France.
In early 1918, the 7th Brigade was placed in divisional reserve around Romarin as extreme winter weather conditions set in. At the end of January the brigade was relieved and moved back to Henneveux where it was tasked with covering a length of the line. During this time the 27th Battalion was near full strength, with 43 officers and 993 men, and was positioned between Bellebrune and Cremarest. They remained there throughout February and March during which time they undertook training and the men were given leave to visit Boulogne. In March 1918, the Germans launched their Spring Offensive in an effort to bring about an end to the war. The offensive saw considerable tactical gains, and although the Australian Corps missed the opening phase of the offensive as they were out of line at the time, they were brought up in April to help stem the tide of the German advance. As a part of this effort, the 27th Battalion returned to the battlefields of the Somme, as the 7th Brigade relieved the 13th Brigade around the Somme Canal on the night of 7/8 April. At the end of the month they moved to the Camon–Rivery area. As the German offensive became focused upon Villers–Bretonneux they were called upon to undertake a supporting role to the Australian counterattack, relieving the 6th Brigade around Ville-sur-Ancre following the 6th's assault on the town.