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Examples of "henrich"
Teniente Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport is an airport in Trinidad, Bolivia. It is the main hub both for Amaszonas and Aerocon. Teniente Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport is the main airport and entrance to the Bolivian Amazonic region.
Dieter Henrich (born 5 January 1927) is a German philosopher. A contemporary thinker in the tradition of German Idealism, Henrich is particularly known for the influence of Kant, Hegel and Fichte in his work.
In Schreiberhau, 1903 Henrich erected the "Sagenhalle", inspired by the "Walpurgishalle".
Henrich Herman Mejer Foss (17 September 1790 – 21 September 1853) was a Norwegian officer and politician.
In 2008, Henrich was awarded the Dr. Leopold Lucas Prize by the University of Tübingen.
Joseph Henrich describes the three mechanisms through which this process occurs:
Aleksander Olszyński Tenement, at N°58, 1894-1895, by Henrich Arndt. Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque & Eclecticism.
Henrich is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Henrich, who is Jewish, was born in Thornhill, Ontario. He is married and has two children.
Daniel Henrich (born 29 September 1991) is a German footballer who plays for FSV Frankfurt II.
Joe Gordon, Tommy Henrich and Bucky Walters were on the ballot for the final time.
Unterjeckenbach’s mayor is Karl Christian Michel, and his deputies are Werner Gaßdorf and Michael Henrich.
Taylor Henrich (born in Calgary on 1 November 1995) is a Canadian ski jumper.
Georg Henrich (9 September 1878 – 30 March 1934) was a German stage and film actor.
Henrich Danckwardt (circa 1670 - 16 September 1719), was a Swedish military officer.
The house was built for beer seller (øltapper) Henrich Lambertsen Engelin 1766.
Nicolai Henrich Jæger (28 January 1780 – 13 July 1846) was a Norwegian lawyer and philologist.
Michael Henrich (born March 4, 1980) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. Henrich is currently a member of Dornbirner EC. An NHL first-round draft pick of the Edmonton Oilers in 1998, Henrich played several years of professional hockey in North America before moving to professional hockey in Europe. Henrich is the first Jewish player to be selected in the first round of the NHL draft, and the only player taken in the first round of the 1998 draft who has not played a game in the NHL.
According to Joseph Henrich, between-group variation is maintained by the following four mechanisms:
Johan Henrich Berlin (1741 – 1807, Trondhjem) was a Norwegian composer and organist.