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beom              hyeok              hyeon              yeong              kwang              cheol              gook              ryong              deok              byung              eung              byun              seol              deuk              woong              hyung              seong              kyoung              gyu              myeong              keun              gyeong              hyup              pyung              ryeol              chul              yeol              yeob              hyuk              gyung              hyeong              hwakim              sookim              yeop              namgung              hwan              shik              heelee              kyong              kyeong              maeng              gwang              eunkim              seon              chulpark              ryul              seop              heepark              seung              junkim             

Examples of "heon"
Lee Sang-heon () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Lee and the given name Sang-heon, and may also refer to:
Reported by United Press International correspondent Jong-Heon Lee.
Geumbyeong-heon (hall) was built by magistrate Do-il in 1681 during the reign of King Sukjong of the Joseon period. Geumbyeong-heon was originally called Myeong-wolcheong. In 1726 another magistrate, Bak Pilmun, relocated and renamed the hall Geumbyeong-heon.
Lim Jong-Heon, Kim Hyun-Seok, Choi Chung-Il, Kim Young-Joo, Jang Chang-Soon,
Song Seung-heon (; born October 5, 1976) is a South Korean actor.
and featured in the exhibition catalog essay by Laura Stewart Heon on page 21.
Seung-heon, also spelled Seung-hun, is a Korean male given name.
Park Chang-Heon (Hangul: 박창헌; born 12 December 1985) is a South Korean football player.
Kim Kyung-Bum, Moon Won-Geun, Lim Jong-Heon, Jung Young-Ho, Bang In-Woong,
Lee Dae-heon (born 17 November 1993) is a South Korean professional footballer.
Jeong Jae-heon (; born April 18, 1975) is a South Korean voice actor and actor. He joined Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation's voice acting division in 2002. After being a freelancer, Jae-heon made a brief appearance on a 2005 South Korean film "Quiz King", playing his role as a television news reporter. The voice actor became popular with his dub of Kiyomaro Takamine on "Zatch Bell!", which has been one of his signature works. He gained popularity also by replacing Adam Rodriguez on "", and Archie Kao on "". In late 2011, Jae-heon once was on stage, portraying Lee Mong-ryong in a South Korean charity play "Hyang-dan, Fly". He has recently been known for his voicing Shota Kazehaya on the Korean dub of a Japanese television animation series "From Me to You", which made many fans of Jae-heon call him 정재하야 (Jeong-jae-ha-ya, a compound word formed from "Jeong Jae"-heon and Kaze"haya").
Kim Sung-heon (born 2 September 1974) is a Korean handball player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
The chief treaty negotiators were Kuroda Kiyotaka, Governor of Hokkaidō, and Shin Heon, General/Minister of Joseon-dynasty Korea.
August 1592 Armies including Korean commoners and Buddhist monks form under leaders Yeong-gyu and Jo Heon.
Choe Chung-heon (1149 – 29 October 1219) was a military ruler of Korea during the Goryeo period.
Since 1993, Lee has been married to Heon Mi Lee, and they have two children: Nikita and Daven Lee.
After a month's fighting, the royal faction was able to regain much of the territory that Gim Heon-chang's forces had taken. After the fall of Gongju, which had been the center of the rebellion, Gim Heon-chang took his own life.
However, the Westerner Kim Sang-heon felt that Yi Gwi and Kim Ryu were living luxurious lives contrary to what Confucian ideals demanded, thus causing a temporary split of the Westerners into the Merit Westerners (공서, 功西) of Yi Gwi and Kim Ryu and the Clear Westerners(청서, 靑西) of Kim Sang-heon.
Born in Samcheok, Lee Dae-heon signed for Sanfrecce Hiroshima of the J1 League in January 2012. Lee Dae-Heon then made his professional debut for Hiroshima in the AFC Champions League on 13 March 2013 against Beijing Guoan at the Workers Stadium in Beijing. He came on as a 68th-minute substitute for Kohei Shimizu as Sanfrecce Hiroshima lost the match 2–1.
In 1196, having his pigeon snatched away by Ji-young, Yi's son, Choe Chung-soo went to his brother Choe Chung-heon to seek help. The Choe Chung-soo persuaded the Choe Chung-heon to carry out a plot to kill Yi together, to which he agreed after a momentary hesitation.