Synonyms for herpetica or Related words with herpetica

aphtosis              genitalis              gladiatorum              labialis              gingivostomatitis              progenitalis              aphthae              gestationis              simplextesticle              herpangina              varizella              supraglottitis              sporotrichosis              nodessimian              dermatophytosis              coryza              moniliasis              vericella              orolabial              causalgic              viruspoxvirusyellow              verrucae              exanthem              vaccinatum              ophthalmicus              contagiosa              nummular              demodicosis              subitum              aphteous              nubuthian              tympanitis              simplexperineum              virusherpes              aphtous              paracoccidiomycosis              haplochthonius              herpeticum              exanthema              pthiriasis              mulluscum              chronicus              virushematological              molluscum              moluscum              verruca              pharyngitis              condyloma              virusmeasles              chelitis             

Examples of "herpetica"
Senna alata is an important medicinal tree, as well as an ornamental flowering plant in the subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It also known as emperor's candlesticks, candle bush, candelabra bush, Christmas candles, empress candle plant, ringworm shrub, or candletree. A remarkable species of "Senna", it was sometimes separated in its own genus, "Herpetica".