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Examples of "herreros"
Munch/Stenersen (Norwegian: "Munchmuseet") is an upcoming building in Bjørvika, Oslo scheduled for completion in 2020. The building is designed by Juan Herreros (Abalos & Herreros).
The Theatre of Bretón de los Herreros (Spanish: "Teatro Bretón de los Herreros") is a nineteenth-century theatre located in Logroño, Spain.
The Theatre of Bretón de los Herreros in Logroño is named after him.
Herreros is a Spanish surname. Notable people with the surname include:
The Escuelas Familiares Agrarias was founded by Felipe González de Canales together with Jose Herreros.
Jorge Brian Panta Herreros (born 22 July 1995) is a Peruvian tennis player.
His work has explored since the organizational principles of skyscrapers as a generator of generic multifunctional typologies. They were also pioneers in the use of diagrams and abstract information as display mechanism of non-evident relationships. In 2008 the firm Ábalos & Herreros, began to perform as two different platforms differentiating projects signed by Juan Herreros of those under the authorship of Ábalos. Herreros presented two projects at that time as the beginning of a new stage: A house on the island of Mallorca and architectural design of the art fair ARCO in Madrid; in which he applied urban criteria for space allocation and management of program uses. In 2008 he founded the Herreros Arquitectos after the break with Iñaki Abalos until 2014 where he accomplished the rebuilding of their practice under the name estudio Herreros, from which plays a triple role: practitioner, teacher and researcher.
Rafael García Herreros (Cúcuta, 1909–Bogotá, 1992) was a Colombian leader of the Charismatic Catholic Minuto de Dios organization.
Herreros was the 1998 FIBA World Championship's Top Scorer. In EuroBasket 1999, Herreros again became the Top Scorer of the tournament, and reached, along with the Spanish team, the tournament's final, as they won the silver medal. He also won the silver medal at the EuroBasket 2003.
Rafael García Herreros born in Cúcuta January 17 of 1909, son of the Julio César García Herreros Orbegozo and of María Unda Pérez. In 1923, when he was 14 years old, he went to Catholic Seminary of Pamplona, where he finished his studies in November 1927 . In 1928 he was invited to be a member to Congregation of Jesus and Mary, founded by St. Juan Eudes; He became a member the February 7 of 1932. In the following years and until the 2000, García Herreros studied philosophy, Latín, Greek, English, science, ecclesiastical history, interpretation of the Bible, dogma, canonical, straight canonical, Hebrew, art, literature and others.
Abalos & Herreros is an architectural firm founded by Inaki Abalos (b. 1956) and Juan Herreros (b. 1958) in Madrid, Spain. The founders were involved in the last throes of La Movida Madrileña and later produced a 1997 monograph called "Areas of Impunity". They are known for their playful writing and an interest in industrial methods of building. The office split into two Madrid-based offices in 2008. Immediately Juan Herreros' office won a number of important international open competitions, with the new Munch Museum in Oslo being the most important of them.
Juan Herreros (born 1958, San Lorenzo del Escorial) is a Spanish architect. His work promotes a pragmatic review of the tradition of modern architecture.
The theatre has had its present name since 1902 when it was renamed in honour of Manuel Bretón de los Herreros.
Quarterfinalist: Real Madrid (Spain) Tanoka Beard, Alberto Herreros, Éric Struelens, Alberto Angulo, José Lasa, Bobby Martin, Ismael Santos, Sergio Luyk, Iker Iturbe, Antonio Bueno, Hector García
Quarterfinalist: Real Madrid (Spain) Aleksandar Đorđević, Marko Milič, Alberto Herreros, Jiří Zídek, Éric Struelens, Erik Meek, Raúl López, Alberto Angulo, Lucio Angulo, Iker Iturbe, Roberto Núñez, Ariel Eslava
Javier 'Javi' Herreros Gorría (born 18 December 1984 in Logroño, La Rioja) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for SD Logroñés as a central defender.
WEST roster: Sasha Danilović, David Rivers, Antoine Rigaudeau, Zoran Savić, Sasha Djordjević, Gregor Fučka, Željko Rebrača, Vasily Karasev, Wendell Alexis, Alberto Herreros, Vladimir Stepania
He is also the father of Célia Granier-Deferre (an actress) and Marie Granier-Deferre (stunts) with Isabel Garcia de Herreros (film editor and sound department).
Famous people from Logroño include Manuel Bretón de los Herreros, Fausto Elhúyar, Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, Rafael Azcona, Ramón Castroviejo, Pedro J. Ramírez, Navarrete "El Mudo".
José López Rubio y Herreros (December 13, 1903 in Motril, Granada Province – March 2, 1996) was a Spanish playwright, screenwriter, film director, theatre historian and humorist.