Synonyms for heteroderidae or Related words with heteroderidae

pratylenchidae              anguinidae              tylenchulidae              hoplolaimidae              meloidogynidae              aphelenchoididae              trichodoridae              belonolaimidae              criconematidae              longidoridae              heterodidae              dolichodoridae              mycosphaerellaceae              aphelenchidae              tachimidae              paratylenchidae              trichostrongylidae              asterolecamidae              oestridae              cunninghamellaceae              hemicycliophoridae              curculionidae              pythiaceae              fulgoroidea              alloxystidae              cixiidae              gnomoniaceae              onchocercidae              choanephoraceae              phylloxeridae              aphididae              mucoraceae              cicadellidae              adelgidae              flatidae              aphidiidae              aphidae              triozidae              blattidae              lssidae              membracidae              issidae              trichogrammatidae              lasiosphaeriaceae              aphelinidae              hypocreaceae              erysiphaceae              asterolecaniidae              thripidae              demetiaceae             

Examples of "heteroderidae"
Heteroderidae is a family of nematodes. The name comes from the Greek heteros = other and deras = skin (derm). This "refers to the different 'skins' of female and cyst."
Meloidogyne incognita is a nematode (roundworm) in the family Heteroderidae. It is commonly called the "southern root-knot nematode" or the "cotton root-knot nematode". This parasitic roundworm has worldwide distribution and numerous hosts. It is an important plant parasite classified in parasitology as a root-knot nematode, as it prefers to attack the root of its host plant.
Heterodera is a genus of nematodes in the family Heteroderidae. Members of the genus are obligate parasites and different species attack different crops, often causing great economic damage. The genus is unique among nematode genera because of the ability of the female to transform into a tough, brown, cyst which protects the eggs which have been formed within her body. The name heterodera "refers to the different 'skins' of female and cyst."
Globodera pallida is a species of nematode in the family Heteroderidae. It is well known as a plant pathogen, especially of potatoes. It is "one of the most economically important plant parasitic nematodes," causing major crop losses, and is a model organism used to study the biology of cyst nematodes. Its common names include potato cyst nematode, white potato cyst nematode, pale potato cyst nematode, potato root eelworm, golden nematode, and pale cyst nematode.