Synonyms for heterurus or Related words with heterurus

denticollis              denticulatus              immaculatus              dollfusi              chabanaud              microps              bicarinatus              punctatissima              clandestinus              ophidion              hypalastoroides              telmatherinidae              zugmayer              albolineatus              lipophrys              atomarius              decoratus              ansorgii              binotatus              braueri              oligolepis              klunzinger              rubberlip              pauciradiatus              bilineatus              cognatus              cyprinoides              brevicornis              twospot              bispina              bispinosus              labiobarbus              antennatus              bleekeri              flavipennis              gracilicornis              swederus              laticeps              werneri              barbarae              alboguttatus              connectens              schmarda              striatulus              bellulus              convexus              biguttatus              annulicornis              alboguttata              lieftincki             

Examples of "heterurus"
Zaireichthys heterurus is a species of loach catfish endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where it is found in the Lualaba River. It reaches a length of 3.5 cm and has a broad, black collar just behind the head. The barbels are attenuate, with the maxillary barbels extending posteriorly to middle to end of the pectoral fin spine and the caudal peduncle is slender. The humeral process of the pectoral girdle is long and stout without denticulations. The caudal fin is deeply forked, with the upper lobe much shorter and smaller than the lower lobe; also, the fin rays in lower lobe noticeable thicker than those in upper lobe.