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meliosma              themeda              randia              ramiflora              subcordata              ehretia              chrysantha              benthamii              caffra              wahlenbergia              grewia              lycioides              glabrescens              weinmannia              puberula              wikstroemia              sessiliflora              cymosa              anomalum              marsdenia              laxiflora              caracasana              buxifolia              radlk              xylocarpa              peduncularis              oleoides              oblongifolia              celebica              forssk              pectis              lancifolia              auriculatum              sepiaria              tenuifolium              mucronata              thwaitesii              populnea              clethra              lepidota              chromolaena              porophyllum              dysoxylum              domingensis              dacryodes              mussaenda              linifolia              coronopifolia              lannea              connata             

Examples of "hexandra"
Their host plant other than rice is "Leersia hexandra".
Larvae feed on "Coutarea hexandra", "Chiococca alba" and "Chiococca pachyphylla" and probably other Rubiaceae species.
Thryptomene hexandra is a shrub in the family Myrtaceae, endemic to Australia.
The provincial tree as well as the provincial flower is the "rayan" or "manilkara" ("Manilkara hexandra").
The larvae feed on Poaceae marsh grass species, including "Leersia hexandra".
Big Nellie Hakea ("Hakea archaeoides") and Tree Guinea Flower ("Hibbertia hexandra") are threatened flora species that grow in the region.
Georgeantha is a monotypic genus of herbaceous, rhizomatous plant endemic to Western Australia. The sole species is Georgeantha hexandra. The genus is named after Western Australian botanist Alex George, and the specific epithet, ""hexandra"", refers to the six (Greek, ""hexa-"") stamens (""andrus"", male).
Beside the open channels the main plants are Pistia stratiotes (water cabbage), Leersia hexandra (southern cutgrass) and Oryza barthii, a grass in the rice genus.
Waterwort ("Elatine hexandra"), a member of this family, and 2 similar species ("Elatine hydropiper" and "Elatine macropoda") are often grown in aquariums.
Big Nellie Hakea ("Hakea archaeoides") and Tree Guinea Flower ("Hibbertia hexandra") are threatened flora species that are growing in the region.
The strip of Palu tree "Manilkara hexandra" forest on the sand-dunes east of Bundala village is a unique type of forest in Sri Lanka.
The larvae feed on "Sorghum verticilliflorum", "Paspalum urvillei", "Panicum maximum", "Leersia hexandra" and other "Leersia" species. They rest in a shelter made from blades of their host plant joined with silk.
It inhabits open wet forests in the Kalihiwai Valley, where it grows at altitudes of . Associated plants include aiea ("Ilex anomala"), ahakea ("Bobea" spp.), hame, ("Antidesma" spp.), hāpuu pulu ("Cibotium glacum"), and kōpiko ("Psychotria hexandra").
Clade III a: "D. humifusa SW, D. ceratocarpa SW, D. pinifolia SW, D. ericoides SWEr, D. D.ivaricata SW, D. caespitosa SW, D. tepperi SE, D. hexandra SE, D. stenophylla MT,D. pachyneura Er, D. rigidia Er, D. baueri SEEr."
The larva feeds on grasses, including the common rice plant, "Oryza sativa", and southern cutgrass ("Leersia hexandra"). This butterfly may play a role in the pollination of the cashew.
The vegetation of the park is predominantly dry evergreen forests. "Diospyros ebenum" is one of the dominant plant species in the forest. Manilkara hexandra (Palu), Cholorocylon swetenia (Burutha), Vitex pinnata (Milla), and Adina cordifolia (Kolon) are common in natural vegetation.
Vancouveria hexandra (white inside-out flower) is a perennial herb in the barberry family Berberidaceae. It is found in western Washington and Oregon and northwestern California and is a common understory herb in moist, shady Douglas Fir forests.
The flooded savanna holds large grasses such as "Echinochloa polystachya", "Echinochloa spectabilis", "Hymenachne amplexicaulis", "Hymenachne donacifolia", "Leersia hexandra", "Paspalum platyaxix", "Luziola spruceana", "Panicum elephantipes", "Paspalum fasciculatum" and several "Oryza" species.
Appertiella is a genus of an aquatic plant of the family Hydrocharitaceae described as a genus in 1982. There is only one known species, Appertiella hexandra, endemic to Madagascar.
"Chloroxylon swietenia" (Sinhalese "Burutha"), "Manilkara hexandra" ("Palu") and "Diospyros ebenum" ("Kaluwara") are the dominant tree species. The Indian star tortoise, Sri Lanka junglefowl, Sri Lankan elephant, Sri Lanka leopard and rusty-spotted cat are among the endangered species of the forest reserve.