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Examples of "heyndrickx"
In 1899 he illustrated the "Studentenliederboek" ('Student song book') of Karel Heyndrickx and in 1910 a few children's stories for the author Lodewijk Scheltjens (1861–1946).
A Split-Second is a Belgian electronic body music band. The duo — Marc Heyndrickx and Peter Bonne (under the artist name Chrismar Chayell)—were active from their debut in 1986 until they split up in 1991, and A Split-Second continued as a Heyndrickx solo project. They went on hiatus after a Swedish tour in 1994, and returned to the live scene in 2004. Since 2009, they have been playing live regularly.
Cuban troops were alleged to have used nerve gas against UNITA troops during the civil war. Belgian criminal toxologist Dr. Aubin Heyndrickx, studied alleged evidence, including samples of war-gas "identification kits" found after the battle at Cuito Cuanavale, claimed that "there is no doubt anymore that the Cubans were using nerve gases against the troops of Mr. Jonas Savimbi."
The suspicion on the nerve gases was reinforced when in February 1992 Aubin Heyndrickx gave a press statement in which he claimed that he had studied all reports and the analysis of blood and urine. That is why he concluded that an organic chemical nerve gas had been used such as Sarin and Tabun listed as warfare agents. On the other hand, according to Dr. Bernard Benedetti and his analysis, he admitted that there was truly the word about poisoning but not from Sarin or Tabun as Mr. Heyndrickx explained. There was a molecular structure similar to a herbicide against insects. This unknown molecule had to be studied later, but this thing never happened.
The arrival of Dizzy Gillespie’s big band at Antwerp in 1948 made a lasting impression on Jack Sels and he decided to start his own big band for which he would also write the music. The band made an impressive debut with some of the best musicians of that time. On trumpet: Paul Heyndrickx, Charlie Knegtel, Theo Mertens, Herman and Nick Sandy Fissette; on trombone: Nat Peck, Frans Van Dijk, Jan Mertens and Christian Kellens; on Sax: Jay Cameron, Marcel Peeters, Gene Verstrepen, Bobby Jaspar and Roger Asselberghs plus Jean Warland on bass, Francis Coppieters on piano, John Ward on drums, Rudy Frankel on conga and Vilez Bill on bongo drum. But because of financial and other problems it was hard for him to hold such a big band together. In 1951, he formed a smaller band with 15 musicians, modelled after his idol Miles Davis, and later a still smaller group with which he toured in Germany. Back in Belgium, in 1954, he recorded six tracks in boogy style for Ronnex Records and performed on stage with Nat King Cole.