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Examples of "highsmith"
Highsmith is the father of former NFL player Alonzo Highsmith and uncle of current former NFL player Ali Highsmith.
He is the son of former NFL running back Alonzo Highsmith. His brother is A.J. Highsmith, who currently is a safety for the Miami Hurricanes.
Before leaving Texas in the 1960s for a Broadway career in New York, Tune worked with Mary Highsmith, mother of crime novelist Patricia Highsmith, at the Point Summer Theatre. In a letter to her daughter, Highsmith referred to Tune as her "adopted boy" whom she called "Romano." Tune later praised Highsmith for helping him develop his talents: "She was an opening for me; she opened a little bit of my tight fabric so that I might peer through."
"The Price of Salt" fell out of print. In 1983, lesbian publishing house Naiad Press offered Highsmith $5,000 to reprint the novel under her own name, or $2,000 under the pseudonym. Highsmith accepted the latter and it was reissued in 1984. The book was republished by Bloomsbury as "Carol" in 1990 under Patricia Highsmith's name, with the addition of an afterword by her. Phyllis Nagy said Highsmith chose "Carol" because Highsmith, herself, "was Therese and the object of her desire wasn't was someone else." The novel was so personal to Highsmith that "it was difficult for her to take ownership of it as a writer for many years."
Andrew Wilson, in his biography of Highsmith, expanded:
Carol Highsmith (then McKinney) graduated from Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis in 1964, then spent a year in college at the now-defunct Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa. In a 2013 profile of Highsmith, the Minnehaha Academy alumni magazine, the "Arrow," quoted Highsmith:
Highsmith is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Jim Highsmith published several articles and books. A selection:
Following his football career, Highsmith became a professional boxer. Over a four-year career, Highsmith amassed a 27–1–2 record in the heavyweight division. Twenty three of those victories came by way of knockout.
Highsmith ended her relationship with Marijane Meaker about the time she started work on this novel in April 1961. Meaker told an interviewer that Highsmith modeled the character of Nickie after her as an act of "retaliation".
Highsmith dedicated the novel to her mother Mary: "To my mother".
Highsmith has also coached for Florida A&M, Texas Southern University, and the Toronto Argonauts.
A Dog's Ransom (1972) is a psychological thriller novel by Patricia Highsmith.
Highsmith played high school football at Central High School in Miami, Florida.
Shelby Highsmith (January 31, 1929 – December 2, 2015) was an American lawyer and judge.
"The Cry of the Owl" is a 1962 novel by Patricia Highsmith.
A lifelong diarist, Highsmith left behind eight thousand pages of handwritten notebooks and diaries.
30 Alonzo Highsmith FB Sr. 6-1 235 Miami, HM All-American
Her typeface, "Loupot", designed in collaboration with Cyrus Highsmith, is published by Font Bureau.
"5th Annual Selected Artwork," Highsmith University Union Art Gallery. University Of North Carolina Asheville, NC