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Examples of "hilversumsche"
Roelof was a soccer supporter as well and was the founding member of the "Hilversumsche Footballclub 'T Gooi" in 1889, first football club in Hilversum. He was also the director of the Tarakan Petroleum and the Kali Tello coffee estate in Jakarta at the Dutch East Indies during the 1930s. He married twice and had three children, Sylvia, Warner and Marnix Roelof.
On 8 July 1923, Hilversumsche Draadlooze Omroep was launched by the Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek (in English: Dutch Transmitter Factory) under supervision of Willem Vogt. On 21 July 1923, it provided the very first regular radio broadcast in the Netherlands. In 1927 it changed its name into Algemeene Nederlandsche Radio Omroep (ANRO), followed soon by a merger with Nederlandsche Omroep Vereeniging (NOV). On 28 December 1927, the two merged broadcasters continued as Algemeene Vereeniging Radio Omroep (A.V.R.O., in English: "General Association of Radio Broadcasting").
Roelof was born on 3 October 1876 to Christiaan van Lennep and his second wife Charlotta Louise Küpfer. Roelof had six siblings, and a half-sister, including Madzy, Christine, August Willem and Christiaan van Lennep, all of whom later got involved in tennis . In 1895 he and his family founded the "Hilversumsche Lawn Tennisclub" in their own house. Some years after they established three cement courts. His sister Christine was appointed the club's treasurer. His brother August Willem won the national championships in 1903 but died young, in the age of only 24, in 1908 in London. His sister Madzy won the ladies' doubles three consecutive times (1889–1901) and the mixed two consecutive time (1899–1900, partnering Karel Beukema) both streaks started from the inaugural championships.
Jacobs had a moderately successful tournament career at home and abroad. In 1957 he won the Dunlop South African Professional Match Play Masters and the Dutch Open. His win in the South African Professional Match Play was in March, at Houghton Golf Club in Johannesburg. Jacobs beat Gary Player 2&1 in the 36-hole final, winning the first prize of £200. Jacobs had beaten an in-form Harold Henning in the semi-final. In August he won the Dutch Open at Hilversumsche Golf Club near Hilversum, three shots clear of Flory Van Donck. Jacobs and Van Donck were level after three rounds but a course-record 67 gave Jacobs the victory. Jacobs had a hole-in-one at the 16th hole of his second round.
Since the very beginning in the early 1920s, public broadcasting in the Netherlands has been split into different broadcasting associations with their members composed of listeners and viewers. These associations were based on the different ideological sections of Dutch society, called "Verzuiling" (pillarisation). Catholics, Protestants and Socialists were the first groups to create their own institutions, including schools, hospitals, trades unions and political parties. When radio in the Netherlands started in the 1920s the existing groups quickly created their own broadcasting associations, producing programmes for the primary radio network, Hilversum 1. The first to start was the liberal AVRO, founded as radio broadcaster Hilversumsche Draadlooze Omroep (HDO) by the NSF transmitter factory in Huizen on 8 July 1923. The first regular radio broadcasts started on 21 July 1923. Airtime was rented to the various religious and political radio organisations—the Protestant NCRV, the Roman Catholic KRO, the Socialist VARA and the liberal Protestant VPRO. Each audience group was faithful to its own broadcasting company. For example, it was considered unthinkable for a Protestant to listen to KRO programming. The programmes were funded by the associations' members. KRO and NCRV started their own station in 1927 with a transmitter also located in Huizen and built by the NSF.