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mihoko              miyoko              eisuke              kazuko              masanao              mayuko              fumiko              kunihiro              mieko              chizuko              yoriko              kiyohiko              rieko              kuniko              sachio              sotaro              makiko              seiichiro              takuji              hachiro              kiyoto              yasuaki              michiyo              yumiko              tomonori              norihisa              mitsue              etsuko              takehiro              yoshiko              miwako              teruko              takaharu              mitsugu              akihisa              utako              takamasa              yohei              tasuku              hidemi              yukiko              shoichi              yurie              katsuhito              takahisa              asako              takatoshi              chiemi              chinatsu              yoshimichi             

Examples of "hisae"
Hisae Iwaoka (岩岡ヒサエ, born 17 July 1976) is a Japanese manga artist.
She captured the DEEP Women's Lightweight Championship by defeating Hisae Watanabe at DEEP: 31st Impact on August 5, 2007.
While driving home from work, Nomura witnesses a young woman, Hisae, attempting to get her autistic younger brother killed by getting him to stand in the middle of the street. Hisae fails to do so and tearfully pulls her brother away, immediately regretting her decision. Fascinated by Hisae's compulsion to "kill", Nomura develops a friendship with the woman.
On at "Smackgirl: Summer Gate 2002" Kaneko defeated kickboxer Hisae Watanabe by armbar submission in the second round.
Nomura frequently visits Hisae at her flower store, but their friendship quickly sours one day when Nomura talks about his perverse thoughts about murder and death. Nomura further degrades his friendship with Hisae by inappropriately giving Hisae's brother a tazer as a toy.
Returning to Smackgirl at the event "Smackgirl 2005: Lightweight Anniversary", Mogi suffered her first defeat at the hands of kickboxing specialist Hisae Watanabe via TKO (punches) on .
Hisae (written: 久江, 寿恵 or ヒサエ in katakana) is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
The story revolves around Shino Hisae, a thirty-five-year-old yaoi anime voice actor, who despite his age still looks like a teenager. Due to his looks, he is often subject to advances from his fellow co-workers Tenryu-san and Mizusawa-kun. Not only does he have to deal with these advances but also has drama and tension at home with his seventeen-year-old son Hisae Nakaya who also is just discovering his homosexuality.
Retired mixed martial artist and kickboxer Hisae Watanabe declined to participate in the tournament due to an injury and instead faced Megumi Fujii at an exhibition match under "mixed" shoot boxing and JEWELS rules.
Ham debuted against Japanese MMA veteran Hisae Watanabe on at "Deep 28 Impact", upsetting the favorite Watanabe by winning via unanimous decision. Ham was defeated by Miku Matsumoto via triangle choke submission on at "clubDeep Toyama: Barbarian Festival 6".
In 1957, Tokiwa joined Tōmatsu, Narahara and others in the first exhibition of "Jūnin no Me" (, The Eyes of Ten). Until 1960, Tokiwa presented her work in several exhibitions, at least once together with Hisae Imai.
In 1992, Mutoh married his wife, Hisae Ashida. Together they have two children, a son (born 1996) and a daughter, Airi (born 2000), who is an actress and has made an appearance for Wrestle-1.
Shinashi's record in MMA is 32-2-2, with her losses coming via knockout against Hisae Watanabe in a DEEP Women's Lightweight Championship bout and against Mai Ichii via Majority Decision.
The second one was at "Smackgirl: Strongest Tag Tournament 2002" on in which Takahashi was partnered with Hisae Watanabe and both were defeated by Miwako Ishihara and Mari Kaneko when Ishihara caught Takahashi in an armbar and forced her to submit in the first round.
After her first loss, Tsuji won her next four fights and then faced Hisae Watanabe at "Smackgirl - Road to Dynamic!!" for the first Smackgirl Lightweight Championship on . Tsuji won the title after defeating Watanabe by armbar at 3:51 of the first round. She would go on to successfully defend the title five times until the demise of the Smackgirl promotion.
When interviewed in 1980 by Sawachi Hisae (), who was to write her biography, Satō summarized her life story as follows: "I am a stray dog all my life, but whatever bitterness can be said about this bitter life, that was because of my own foolishness". She died in 1995, aged 101.
Photographers whose work is included in the permanent collection include Shihachi Fujimoto, Bruce Gilden, Hisae Imai, Takeji Iwamiya, Akira Komoto, Motoichi Kumagai, Seiji Kurata, Michiko Matsumoto, Aizō Morikawa, Eiichi Moriwaki, Tadayuki Naitoh, Kiyoshi Nishiyama, Yoshino Ōishi, Kōji Satō, Tokihiro Satō, Bukō Shimizu, Mieko Shiomi, Teikō Shiotani, Raghubir Singh, Yutaka Takanashi, Toyoko Tokiwa, Haruo Tomiyama and Kansuke Yamamoto.
On , Kaneko participated in the event where she defeated Asami Kodera via submission (rear naked choke) in the first round of the tournament, actress, pro-wrestler and race queen Mizuho Ishikawa via submission (armbar) in the semi-finals before finally losing the final against Hisae Watanabe, whom Kaneko had defeated in 2002, via unanimous decision.
Kaneko participated in three MMA tag matches in a one-day tournament at "Smackgirl: Strongest Tag Tournament 2002" on in which she was partnered with Miwako Ishihara and both defeated Yoko Takahashi and Hisae Watanebe in the first round, Aya Koyama and Hikaru Shinohara in the semi-finals, and Naoko Torashima and Kazue Terui in the final to win the tournament.
The group counts well-known celebrities in its ranks. Among the founding members are writer Kenzaburō Ōe, historian Shunsuke Tsurumi, and authors Hisae Sawachi, Katsuto Uchihashi and Keiko Ochiai. According to the group, its supporters also include Minamisoma Mayor Katsunobu Sakurai and Tokai Village Mayor Tatsuya Murakami, as well as film director Yoji Yamada and actress Sayuri Yoshinaga.