Synonyms for hitzer or Related words with hitzer

glagow              kathrin              duplitzer              svenja              seizinger              sauerbreij              iourieva              silke              webertina              bjerkeli              buschschulte              imke              doresia              letzin              nicolien              pechstein              beckandrea              sachenbacher              anke              rutschow              kaserer              antje              maike              kerstin              egerszegi              gutensohn              wischnewski              gladisch              steinegger              meyfarth              gerg              elfgard              haglundsusanne              liebs              wodars              meeuw              lobysheva              schneiderheinze              friesinger              emmelmann              margitta              bogaliy              sleptsova              kielgass              wustlich              hauswaldkati              wendltobias              poutiainen              kronberger              aljand             

Examples of "hitzer"
"REM" regularly features Canadian real estate professionals of note on its front cover, such as singer-songwriters Shauna Sedola and Heidi Vincent, and science-fiction author Rolf Hitzer.
Kathrin Cornelia Lang (née Hitzer; born 3 September 1986) is a former German biathlete. Because of her pregnancy by her boyfriend (now husband), biathlete Toni Lang, she finished the 2011/12 season in December 2011.
Toni Lang (born April 22, 1982, in Hutthurm) is a German former biathlete. In 2008, he ran his first single World Cup Race. After Biathlon World Cup 2010/2011 he retired from active biathlon sports and started studying dentistry. He is the husband of biathlete Kathrin Hitzer.
Ustyugov got an invitation for the fun event, the World Team Challenge, which was reschuled in March 2011 because the stadium's roof collapsed in December 2010. The Russian pair, Ustyugov and Svetlana Sleptsova, won the event, beating Germans Katrin Hitzer and Florian Graf by 11.5 seconds.