Synonyms for hobal or Related words with hobal

koitina              mezukenos              bhelsa              hsahtung              milyard              abokum              kalarupa              trebaruna              ulstai              theispas              proginoskes              kentiskue              amitavikramah              bhutapala              sabadu              bukaar              gemzek              ampelaki              kollington              gegegen              nancere              uiriaskum              lethera              chioh              manut              eatte              iidasenai              sugaar              zerythiini              olomon              easkka              suparnas              hilchoth              loilong              ierakas              koyava              fullaz              varajnuni              bathudi              jeulla              lakkomata              xerbo              wasicu              invehi              lersi              terkinos              tennou              zasaqu              khwarenah              kuttiya             

Examples of "hobal"
Pujŏnhoban Station is a railway station in Pujŏn'gowŏn, Hobal-lodongjagu, Pujŏn County, South Hamgyŏng province, North Korea. It is the terminus of the (narrow gauge) Sinhŭng Line of the Korean State Railway.
In the Four–Seven Debate with Ki Daesung, Toegye ( Yi Hwang, 1501 – 70 ), while being still dualistic, broke away from Chu Hsi by espousing the reciprocal emanation (hobal) of i and ki: with the Four, ki follows i when i becomes emanant; with the Seven, when ki becomes emanant, i ‘rides’ ki. Though he was critical of Toegye's idea that ki follows i as being dualistic, Yulgok (Yi I, 1536 – 84 ) nevertheless embraced his notion that i ‘rides’ ki: only ki is emanant and i moves its emanation; i and ki are ‘neither two things nor one thing’, as evidenced by ‘wondrous fusion’ (myohap). For Yulgok, original nature (i) and physical nature (ki) coalesce into one human nature. Toegye and Yulgok, whose thoughts culminated in an irenic fusionism, constituted the crowning phase of East Asian neo-Confucianism by exhibiting dialectical dexterity in articulating the concepts of i and ki, left unclarified by the Chinese.