Synonyms for hollay or Related words with hollay

schollwer              plessow              sessak              flickenschildt              daudert              edthofer              zofe              brausewetter              potechina              baronin              sussin              hofdame              pointner              forescu              kellnerin              pittschau              wirtschafterin              geborene              thimig              herking              schlettow              schwiers              biensfeldt              schauspielerin              pagay              goetzke              telefonistin              bendow              danegger              thalbach              fuetterer              harbacher              ritterband              dannhoff              diessl              knaup              tinschmann              dernesch              lukschy              horeschowsky              dunkelmann              helsengreen              trooger              carsta              oberschwester              skjelbreidlinda              sterler              junkermann              pinajeff              hatheyer             

Examples of "hollay"
Love and Champagne (German:Liebe und Champagner) is a 1930 German film directed by Robert Land and starring Camilla von Hollay, Iván Petrovich and Brita Appelgren.
The Stolen Professor (German: Der gestohlene Professor) is a 1924 German silent film directed by Emil Justitz and starring Olaf Fjord, Camilla von Hollay and Kläre Grieger.
Camilla von Hollay (11 July 1899 – 9 February 1967) was a Hungarian film actress of the silent era. She appeared in 44 films between 1917 and 1930. She was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary and died in Budapest.
The Salvation Army Girl (German:Das Mädchen von der Heilsarmee) is a 1927 German silent film directed by William Kahn and starring Camilla von Hollay, Toni Ebärg and Ernst Rückert.
Superfluous People (German:Überflüssige Menschen) is a 1926 German silent film directed by Aleksandr Razumnyj and starring Eugen Klöpfer, Camilla von Hollay and Heinrich George. It was made by Prometheus-Film which was affiliated to the German Communist Party and the Moscow-based Mezhrabpomfilm.
Passion (German:Leidenschaft) is a 1925 German silent drama film directed by Richard Eichberg and starring Otto Gebühr, Lilian Harvey and Camilla von Hollay. Harvey was by this time a rising star, and followed it with her breakthrough film "Love and Trumpets" released the same year.
In 2008 Benson released his self-produced debut LP The Awakening. Recorded by Adrian Hollay and mastered by Mandy Parnell, the album went on to be one of the most critically acclaimed New Zealand albums of the year. The Awakening’s success was further confirmed by a nationwide tour of New Zealand’s historic churches and cathedrals with an ensemble of choir, string quartet and taonga puoro authority Dr Richard Nunns. Also in 2008, Benson presented Whales! Everywhere!, a choral work for Barbara Morgenstern’s Wassermusik festival in Berlin.