Synonyms for holochlora or Related words with holochlora

superciliaris              flavigaster              pogoniulus              ruficauda              polytmus              gouldiae              melanurus              enicurus              tiliqua              hylophilus              pipilo              superciliosa              jocosus              twinspot              chrysoptera              conirostrum              flaveola              climacteris              tiaris              pyrrhula              parrotlet              castaneiceps              carunculata              undulatus              tinkerbird              sericornis              bananaquit              selenidera              amandava              phoeniculus              hartlaubi              sphecotheres              chlorurus              conopophaga              nectarinia              guttatus              chalcostigma              rufifrons              olivacea              colius              pucherani              nuchalis              jobiensis              parrotbill              caniceps              nonnula              hyliota              leucotis              rufiventris              cracticus             

Examples of "holochlora"
Batrachedra holochlora is a species of moth of the Batrachedridae family. It is found in Australia.
Holochlora biloba is a species of Tettigoniidae (bush-crickets or katydids) found in Madagascar and in Indonesia.
The green parakeet ("Psittacara holochlorus") is a medium-sized parrot that is native to Central America, from the southernmost tip of Texas south to northern Nicaragua. This species was formerly placed in the genus Aratinga as "A. holochlora" and divided into various subspecies ("A. h. holochlora, A. h. brevipes, A. h. brewsteri, A. h. strenua," and "A. h. rubritorquis"). Later it was split into three species as green conure ("A. holochlora"), pacific conure ("A. strenua"), and Socorro conure ("A. brevipes"). Today it is recognised as single species with a highly threatened subspecies ("Psittacara holochlorus brevipes") endemic to Socorro in the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico.
Sima de las Cotorras is best known for its namesake green parakeets ("Aratinga holochlora"), thousands of which inhabit the trees at the bottom of the sinkhole. They are attracted to the sinkhole by the absence of many predators. The parakeets create a spectacle in the early morning around 5:30–6 am when they leave the hole en masse, flying in spirals while their cacophonous squawks reverberate throughout the sinkhole. They return to the hole at dusk around 4–5 pm. The parrots are the most numerous between March and October, while many of them spend the dry winter season in the warmer lowlands near the coast.
The green Manakin ("Cryptopipo holochlora") is a species of bird in the Pipridae family. It occurs in humid forest in lowlands and foothills. The distribution is disjunct, with one population in the western Amazon Basin and adjacent east Andean foothills in south-eastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador and eastern Peru, and another population in the humid Chocó in eastern Panama, western Colombia and north-western Ecuador. It has been suggested that the latter population may be a separate species, the Lita Manakin ("Cryptopipo litae"). As suggested by its common name both the male and the female of the green manakin are overall green. It remains fairly common locally (but is easily overlooked), and is consequently considered to be of least concern by BirdLife International and IUCN.