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ruden              hirche              bonsdorff              liebau              haverkamp              schmiedel              algra              odenthal              kogel              kinzl              behren              wussow              roggendorf              treusch              horbach              steinbauer              zastrow              kaltwasser              minckwitz              ahorn              wechmar              frenckell              rauen              tscharner              sandau              hasselbach              obermayr              hundelshausen              obermeier              kimmig              horsten              gerhards              stockar              biberfeld              milz              klaes              schermer              hemmerlein              grone              zeuthen              heydebreck              heckmann              verhaegh              hude              tooyoma              hallmann              pongratz              rossberg              gasen              lommen             

Examples of "holtum"
It was after that Hirschsprung acquired it in 1895 from Mrs Nanna Holtum.
Born, Broeksittard, Buchten, Einighausen, Geleen, Graetheide, Grevenbicht, Guttecoven, Holtum, Limbricht, Munstergeleen, Windraak, Obbicht, Papenhoven, Schipperskerk and Sittard.
Textor's mother, Lena Möllerström, was a Swedish jazz singer, while his father, Günther von Holtum, was a classically trained drummer, so music was a constant element of daily life in the von Holtum household, leading to a jazz influence which can be heard in many Kinderzimmer Productions tracks.
Until 2001, Born was a separate municipality (population about 15,000), that included the villages Born, Buchten, Holtum, Grevenbicht, Papenhoven and Obbicht.
Kinderzimmer Productions was a German hip hop band from Ulm (in the jargon of the band, "U-Stadt"). They consisted of Quasi Modo (Sascha Klammt, DJ) and Textor (Henrik von Holtum, MC). They released their first album in 1994. Their name is both a tribute to the early hip hop group Boogie Down Productions and a reference to the child's play room () in the parental house of von Holtum, in which the first two albums were conceived. In 2007 they announced their disbandment.
In 1986 he was signed by Teldec (belongs to the Time-Warner group) and went to Spain to study Spanish, among other reasons. In 1988, he moved to Hamburg, travelled to Egypt and Kenya and became infected by Malaria. The next year saw Danzer and his new life partner, Bettina, move to a Farm in Werl-Holtum (Westfalen), where he spent most of his time until 1994, and where he translated two works of Spanish author Manuel Vicent.
Sieben was born in Hastings, Minnesota and attended Hastings High School. He earned his B.A. in business administration from Winona State College (now Winona State University) in 1965, and J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1968. He joined the law firm of Grose, Von Holtum and Sieben (now SiebenCarey) until he was elected to the Minnesota House in 1970 as a member of the Nonpartisan Election-Liberal Caucus, but later joined the DFL. He served 14 years in the Legislature, serving as Speaker of the House between 1981–84. In 1985 he rejoined his previous law firm and works in private practice.
The first general municipal elections took place on 15 September 1946. From 1947‚ CARE Packages arrived in the town, filled with food and such like, mainly sent by Americans of German origin. Apart from the returning population of the town, increasing numbers of refugees from Germany's eastern territories had to be absorbed, so that in the 1950s a new quarter of the town, "Flachsfeld", was built. At the same time, the town also spread out over the fields between the few houses of Buscherhof and the Oerath Mill, forming a new large quarter, the "Marienviertel". Almost all its roads, which lay on both sides of the old "Marienweg", a Marian pilgrimage route that ran to Holtum, bore the names of east German towns. Not until 1956 and 1957 did the town's population receive the last repatriates from the war and from POW camps at Erkelenz Station.