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siedlung              hartmannsdorf              neuenkirchen              neukirchen              oberdorf              perleberg              altenstadt              petershagen              friedrichsthal              volkach              kronach              grund              schrozberg              breitenbrunn              stollberg              stetten              herbolzheim              hessisch              alfeld              eggenfelden              ahrweiler              herten              neuhof              hermsdorf              torgelow              loxstedt              gersdorf              oppenweiler              lichtenau              hohen              borken              albstadt              frankenberg              riedlingen              steindorf              espelkamp              oberndorf              malchin              thalheim              hornberg              schwarzach              schopfheim              spreewald              krumbach              rodach              michelbach              rahden              weiher              holzheim              lenningen             

Examples of "holzhausen"
6th L.E. Timberlake 19,753 (elected) / Holzhausen 4,419
Dittelbrunn consists of 4 parts: Dittelbrunn, , Holzhausen und Pfändhausen.
The knoll is located directly north of the town centre of Holzhausen. For this reason the town is often known as Holzhausen am Hahn (engl. Holzhausen on the Hahn). The Pilgerbach stream flows around the southern edge of the Hahn. On the eastern side there is a football field. To the west, the Autobahn A49 passes by.
Until it was incorporated into the city of Osnabrück on 7 March 1970, Sutthausen was part of the municipality of Holzhausen. The area of Alt-Holzhausen is today part of Georgsmarienhütte.
Johann Hieronymus von Holzhausen wanted a summer residence for his family, similar to those of the nobility. Holzhausen chose as his architect Louis Remy de la Fosse from Darmstadt, who died before the building's completion.
The community consists of the centres of Besse, Grifte, Haldorf and Holzhausen am Hahn.
Weissenbacher, Gerhard, "In Hietzing gebaut" vol. II (Vienna: Verlag Holzhausen, 1998)
The (Little Holzhausen palace) is a moated former country house built by the patrician Holzhausen family on their farm, then just north of Frankfurt and now in the city's Nordend. The present building was completed in 1729, built for Johann Hieronymus von Holzhausen on the foundations of a moated castle from the Middle Ages after a design by Louis Remy de la Fosse. Today, it serves as a venue for cultural events.
Holzhausen is the birthplace of Nicolaus August Otto, the inventor of the "Otto Engine".
The municipality Igling consists of the subdivisions ("Ortsteile") Holzhausen, Unterigling and Oberigling.
The four villages of Buchheim, Hugstetten, Neuershausen and Holzhausen merged in 1973 to the new community of March.
Walther von Holzhausen (29 May 1876, Opava – 9 August 1935, Magdeburg) was a German chess master and problemist.
The community of Burbach consists of the following subdivisions: Burbach, Gilsbach, Holzhausen, Lippe, Lützeln, Niederdresselndorf, Oberdresselndorf, Wahlbach, Würgendorf.
In the field of adult education, the district maintains two branches (Dautphetal and Dautphetal-Holzhausen) of the Volkshochschule Marburg-Biedenkopf.
Holzhausen an der Haide is a municipality in the district of Rhein-Lahn, in Rhineland-Palatinate, in western Germany.
Holzhausen is a municipality in the district of Wels-Land in the Austrian state of Upper Austria.
Georg Wildführ (born Linden 30 August 1904 — died Holzhausen 4 August 1984) was an East German Medical microbiologist and Hygienist.
Hohenstein’s "Ortsteile" are Breithardt (administrative seat), Burg-Hohenstein, Holzhausen über Aar, Strinz-Margarethä, Born, Hennethal and Steckenroth.
The town includes the districts Berlitt, Bork, Drewen, Gantikow, Ganz, Holzhausen, Kötzlin, Lellichow, Mechow, Rehfeld and Teetz.
Prior to this, von Holzhausen designed the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky while Design Director at General Motors.