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Examples of "homesteader"
Similar 1908 to 1910 Alberta homesteader settlements of Black Canadians:
The community was named for homesteader John Means.
Tanberg Township was named for Christian Tanberg, a Norwegian homesteader.
Homesteader is a residential neighbourhood in the Hermitage area of north east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Named for Christopher Rush, a homesteader from Missouri who settled there in 1907.
The peak is named after Enoch Grey, an early homesteader in nearby Starr Valley.
It was named in honour of George Bentley, an early homesteader.
Miller Creek has the name of John Miller, a pioneer homesteader.
Mount Bogart is named after D.B. Dowling. Bogart was his mother's maiden name and his middle name. D.B. Dowling surveyed the area in the early 1900s for the Geographical Society of Canada. Tower was named after Francis George Towers an early homesteader of the region. Mt McDougal another early homesteader Archie McDougal of Carstairs. Mts. Evans Thomas named after Thomas Oldham Evans an early homesteader.
Adaline Hornbek was an early homesteader who established a substantial ranch in an area that had seen only subsistence farming.
A post office operated at Bonds Corner from 1929 to 1930. The name honors Dr. J. L. Bond, homesteader.
The Homesteader (1919) is a lost black-and-white silent film by African American author and filmmaker Oscar Micheaux.
According to early homesteader and writer Cabot Yerxa in his newspaper columns published in The Desert Sentinel newspaper, the first homesteader in the area of the city of Desert Hot Springs was Hilda Maude Gray, who staked her claim in 1908.
The lyrics are the ruminations of a homesteader who has become much disillusioned with farming and obsessed with the ghost of a young Nebraska woman said to have died searching for her escaped pony, "Wildfire", during a blizzard. The homesteader hopes to catch up with the ghost mounted on her pony, and with them to escape from farming, which he bitterly calls "sodbusting".
Adverse possession is in some ways similar to homesteading. Like the disseisor, the homesteader may gain title to property by using the land and fulfilling certain other conditions. In homesteading, however, the possession of the property is not hostile; the land is either considered to have no legal owner or is owned by the government. The government allows the homesteader to use the land with the expectation that the homesteader who fulfills the requirements necessary for the homestead will gain title to the property.
In 1912, a group of 14 settlers from Grouard arrived in the Donnelly area. Marie-Anne Leblanc Gravel was first homesteader.
The community was named after Samuel Welch, a homesteader who settled near Welches Creek in 1882. A post office was established there in 1905.
Elwood was platted in 1885 when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad was extended to that point. It was named for Elwood Thomas, a homesteader.
A post office was established at Hoagland in 1912, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1944. The community was named for homesteader W. V. Hoagland.
A post office called Holmquist was established in 1898, and remained in operation until 1963. The community has the name of Peter Holmquist, an early homesteader.