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Examples of "homuth"
In April 1941, I./JG 27 was the first Luftwaffe fighter group to be sent to North Africa. "Oberleutnant" Homuth was awarded the Ritterkreuz in June for 22 victories. By January 1942, Homuth had 39 victories. His impressive record and leadership talents meant Homuth was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 27 in June 1942. His 60th claim came on 27 October, when he shot down a Spitfire over Bir Mumim Busak.
Karl Kenneth Homuth (December 12, 1893 – March 15, 1951) was an Ontario manufacturer and political figure.
Coinciding with the withdrawal of I./JG 27 from North Africa, Homuth fell ill and was taken off operational flying. In February 1943 he was posted to Sofia as an instructor training Bulgarian fighter pilots. Homuth returned to front line duty in July 1943 as "Gruppenkommandeur" (Group Commander) I./JG 54 based in the Northern sector of the Eastern Front and flying the FW 190A. On 2 August 1943, on one of his first combat missions, Homuth was engaged in a dogfight with Soviet fighters. He finally managed to shoot down an P-39 Airacobra, however Homuth failed to return from this mission and was posted missing in action. His exact fate remains unknown.
In October 1939, Homuth was appointed Adjutant of I./Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG 27—27th Fighter Wing), becoming "Staffelkapitän" (Squadron Leader) of 3./JG 27 in February 1940. He gained his first victory on 11 May, shooting down a Bristol Blenheim. By the end of the French campaign Homuth had nine victories, and added a further six victories during the Battle of Britain, becoming one of the more successful 'stars' within Jagdgeschwader 27, which had suffered severe losses for little achievement during the Battle.
Mason got his start as a lyricist working with German vocalist-musician Dirk Homuth on songs for an alt-pop group which Homuth named Almost Charlie so that, although his friend is "unable to play any instrument more complicated than a toaster," he could still be represented in some way. To date, the act has released three albums, "Loving Counterclockwise" (2006), "The Plural of Yes" (2009) and "Tomorrow's Yesterday" (2012).
Homuth initially served in the "Kriegsmarine" before joining the Luftwaffe in 1935. During 1937–1938, he was a member of the Luftwaffe aerobatic team, and part of 2.(J)/Lehrgeschwader 2 (LG 2—2nd Demonstration Wing).
He was born in Preston, Ontario, the son of Otto Homuth and Charlotte McDowell, and was educated there and in Galt. He joined George Pattinson's textile manufacturing company in 1910. In 1917, he left that firm to work in his father's company, taking over its operation in 1928 after his father's death. In 1914, he married Minnie A. Rahn. Homuth served on the town council for Preston from 1917 to 1919. He died of complications of lung cancer in his Ottawa home on March 15, 1951.
He was born in Millbank, Canada West, the son of Thomas Hall. He was educated in St. Marys, Strathroy and Guelph. In 1900, he married Margaret Forbes. Hall manufactured stoves and furnaces in Hespeler.. He served as reeve for Preston in 1907. He was defeated in his bid for reelection in 1919 by Karl Homuth of the United Farmers of Ontario.
Gerhard Homuth (20 September 1914 – 2 August 1943) was a World War II Luftwaffe fighter ace. He scored all but two of his 63 victories against the Western Allies whilst flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109, and was one of the top scoring aces in the North African campaign.
His success as a fighter pilot also led to promotions and more responsibility as an officer. 1 May 1942 saw him receive an unusually early promotion to "Oberleutnant" followed by appointment to "Staffelkapitän" of "3./JG 27" on 8 June 1942, thus succeeding Oberleutnant Gerhard Homuth who took command of "I./JG 27".
Gerhard Homuth was credited with 63 victories in approximately 450 missions, 47 in Africa. He recorded two victories over the Eastern Front. His older brother was killed in action in 1942 on the Eastern Front, his father was shot by looting soldiers on 23 April 1945.
The executions continued throughout the following day (10 November). According to the chief executioner Jörgen Homuth 82 people were executed. It has been claimed that Christian also took revenge on Sten Sture's body, having it dug up and burnt, as well as the body of his child. Sture's widow Lady Kristina, and many other noblewomen, were taken as prisoners to Denmark.
Homuth supported Conservative Premier George Howard Ferguson's proposal to liberalise Ontario's prohibition laws during the 1926 election in which liquor policy was the principal issue (the Conservatives consequently did not run a candidate against him) and continued to support Ferguson's government after the election ultimately joining the Tories and successfully running for re-election as a Conservative in the 1929 provincial election before resigning in 1930 to unsuccessfully seek the federal seat of Waterloo North for the federal Conserviates. He went on to sit in Canadian House of Commons from 1938 to 1951 representing Waterloo South for the Conservative Party of Canada, then National Government and finally Progressive Conservative member. Homuth died in office in 1951.
The City of Cambridge has 6 public skating arenas: Dickson Centre, Duncan McIntosh Arena, Galt Arena Gardens, Hespeler Memorial Arena, Karl Homuth Arena, and Preston Auditorium; and 2 private skating areas: Cambridge Ice Centre and Ice Park. As well, the city has 2 public indoor pools (John Dolson Centre and W.G. Johnson Centre) and 3 public outdoor pools (Edward Newland Pool, George Hancock Pool, and Kinsmen – Soper Pool), in addition to the indoor pool at the Chaplin Family YMCA.
The 1926 provincial election reduced the farmer-labour contingent to thirteen Progressive MLAs and one Labour MLA (Homuth - who had broken with the Progressives and supported the government) while two new UFO MLAs, Thomas Farquhar and Farquhar Oliver joined Oke's faction. Several weeks after the election the UFO convention voted to cease running its own candidates though a handful of local UFO clubs continued to nominate candidates for some years.
The back campus includes a playing field for football, field hockey, and rugby with access to a smaller practice field. There is also a tennis court. The track and field team practices on a regulation size cinder track. Beside the Grand River and near the school is the Linear Trail, a 3.5 km community trail which the cross country and track and field teams use. Two ice surfaces, the Preston Auditorium and the Homuth Arena, are within walking distance.
Eberhard Cohrs married the cabaret performer Lieselotte Homuth in 1945. Following their divorce in 1957 he remained close to their recently born daughter Petra. His second marriage produced two sons, Matthias and Andreas, born in the late 1950s. His third marriage, to fellow variety performer Dagmar Graf, was followed by the birth of their son Christopher in 1972. Christopher died as the result of a diving accident in 1998.
Not suspecting anything untoward, I continued my level climb. All of a sudden there was a loud noise in my cockpit — I'd taken cannon [sic] fire. The crate immediately flipped uncontrollably onto its back. Fuel gushed into the cockpit; it began smoking and then I completely lost control of the Bf 109, spiraling down on my back through the Curtisses. Over the intercom I heard the angry voice of Homuth: "Which of you idiots just let himself get shot down?"
Setz however did not rejoin his unit. On 12 November he was appointed the new "Gruppenkommandeur" of I. "Gruppe" (1st group) of "Jagdgeschwader" 27 (JG 27—27th Fighter Wing), to replace "Hauptmann" (Captain) Gerhard Homuth who had to resign the command because of illness. This unit had formerly led the assault in North Africa but after being shattered in the recent battles around El Alamein had been pulled back for rest and rebuild. Setz took over his command in Bari, Italy on 20 November 1942. and soon led the transferral back to Krefeld in Germany, where they arrived on 28 November 1942.
Crash landing in no man's land, Stahlschmidt escaped the burning wreck with just a pair of singed eyebrows. Once again, as he ran on foot toward German lines, Stahlschmidt was fired on by an Allied truck convoy which he had just overflown. However he was picked up by a German reconnaissance unit. Back at Staffel HQ Stahlschmidt learned from Marseille and Homuth that the lead Kittyhawk had pulled up sharply and fired accurately. Both were of the opinion that it was a wonderful shot. The Allied pilot was the leading Australian ace, Squadron Leader Clive Caldwell, CO of No. 112 Squadron RAF.