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zhiguo              guojun              xiaohong              xufeng              jiasheng              yongjun              wenbin              haitao              yufei              weiguo              xinyan              xiaobin              xiaopeng              jianqiang              yinghui              jiaqi              jianchao              xianying              lijia              huiqing              xiaoguang              jianan              haiqi              chunli              jianhua              haibo              zhimin              zhihong              yiwei              yanmei              leilei              weiying              hongxiang              xiulan              yafei              jiawei              xiaoyang              jianping              shiqiang              yanfei              haibin              jianlin              yuqing              tingyu              enhua              guowei              guohui              xiaoxu              xiaoyan              xiaodong             

Examples of "hongtao"
Feng Zhigang retired in 2001, then he worked as assistant coach of Wuhan Hongtao K. on 2008, Wuhan Hongtao K quit the Chinese Super League.Feng Zhigang went to worked as assistant coach of Shaanxi Baorong Chanba.
Zhang Hongtao (), born on April 9, 1986, is a Chinese gymnast. He is a specialist on the pommel horse.
Internationally, he has published 6 papers in various co-authorships with various combinations of Toxicologists Hongtao Jin, Zibo Zhang, Zhiqiao Wang, Jinfeng Wei, Qinglin Zhang, Chunqian Huang, Fang Fang, Wei Liu, Yan Liu.
Huang Hongtao (Chinese:黄洪涛) (born December 3, 1970) is a former Chinese international footballer who played as a Goalkeeper. Since his retirement he moved into assistant coaching and is currently an assistant with the Chinese U-20 team.
Feng Zhigang (Chinese: 冯志刚;27 February 1969 - 7 July 2011) was a Chinese football Forward who played for China PR in the 1992 Asian Cup. In the aspect of club football, he played for Wuhan Hongtao K and Qianwei Huandao.
Feng Zhigang was born in Wuhan on 27 February 1969. His playing position is Defender. From 1992 to 1995, Feng Zhigang played for Wuhan Steelworks football club. From 1996 to 1998, Feng Zhigang joined Qianwei Huandao. From 2001 to 2008, Feng Zhigang returned and played for Wuhan Hongtao K until he retired. Feng Zhigang entered the China national football team in 1992 and has played for China PR in the 1992 Asian Cup.
Urban Planning Society of China was formerly known as Urban and Rural Planning Committee under the Architectural Society of China. It was ceased for any activity during the Cultural Revolution period and was re-organized in August 1978. In 1992, UPSC formally registered as a non-governmental organization with approval by Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Civil Affairs. UPSC former and current Presidents are Wang Wenke, Cao Hongtao, Zheng Xiaoxie, Wu Liangyong and Zhou Ganzhi.
The last two positions of the league were scheduled for demotion. Wuhan Hongtao K already locked up one before the final round of the season. There were 5 teams trying to avoid a similar fate in the final round, including Shenzhen Pingan and Dalian Wanda with 28 points, Qingdao Hainiu and Guangzhou Songri with 27 points, as well as Shenyang Haishi with 25 points. The tie breaker was the face-to-face record, so if every team tie at 28 points, both Qingdao and Shenzhen would rank last.
Besides damage done by previous European explorers, White movement bandits escaping from the Russian Civil War were responsible for vandalizing much the Buddhist art at the Mogao Grottoes. They had caused trouble in Xinjiang, but were defeated when they tried to attack Qitai. The Governor of Xinjiang, Yang Zengxin, arranged for them to be transported to Dunhuang at the Mogao Grottoes, after talks with Governor Lu Hongtao of Gansu. The bandits wrote profanities on Buddhist statues, destroyed or damaged paintings, gouging out eyes and amputating the limbs of the statues, in addition to committing arson. This damage can still be seen to this day.
Artists shown and affiliated with the galleries include Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, Sheng Qi, Li Qing, Chen Man, Henry Hudson, Cui Xiuwen, Feng Shu, Zhang Huan, Cui Jie, Hu Xiaoyuan, Qiu Xiaofei, Zheng Lu, Xu Hualing, Zhu Fadong, Zeng Fanzhi, Yan Shaobin, Tang Zhigang, Liu Ye, Li Songsong, Shi Xinning, Feng Zhengjie, Yin Zhaoyang, Liu Hung, Sui Jianguo, Ling Jian, Zheng Guogu, Xun Sun, Tu hongtao, Chen Ke, Jiao Xingtao, Wu Junyong, Yuan Yuan, Zhou Yilun, Jiang Zhi, Yang Liming, Ji Dachun, Lu Xinjian, among others.
after retired, Hu Zhigang worked as assistant coach of China national football team from 1978 to 1990. from 1994 to 1995,Hu Zhigang worked as coach of Shenzhen F.C., on 1996, he worked as coach of Shanghai Yuyuan football club. on 1997,Hu Zhigang worked as coach of Jiangsu Jiajia. on 1999, Hu Zhigang worked as coach of Wuhan Hongtao K. on 2000, Hu Zhigang worked as coach of Bayi. on 2004 , Hu Zhigang worked as coach of Xi'an Anxinyuan football club, but Xi'an Anxinyuan football club faced two loss and one draw from 2004 China League One bagan,Hu Zhigang resign.
On 23 February 2010, Chengdu was relegated to China League One in the fallout of a match fixing scandal despite having achieved a 7th-place finish in the Chinese Super League the previous season. It was discovered by the Chinese police that on September 22, 2007 during the team's promotion campaign that the club's President Xu Hongtao and his deputy You Kewei paid Qingdao Hailifeng F.C. up to 500,000 RMB to lose a league game 2–0. Despite this setback under Wang Baoshan as manager Chengdu blades won immediate promotion back to the Chinese super league after finishing second in league one, one point behind winners Guangzhou. With the club's owners Sheffield United struggling within their own league funding for Chengdu Blades was cut and they experienced financial problems during the season, which resulted in the club finishing 15th and in the relegation zone at the end of the season.
Huang Hongtao began his football career with second-tier football club Guangzhou Apollo in the 1990 Chinese league season where he was part of the team that came runners-up and won promotion to the top tier. With Guangzhou in the top tier, Huang had established himself as a regular within the team and was soon called up to the Chinese national team where he made his debut on April 20, 1992 against Indonesia in a 1992 AFC Asian Cup qualification game, which China won 2-0. By 1997 despite being at the peak of his career Huang took time out from football to start his coaching career in the United States. Upon his return, Huang returned to football and joined Sichuan Quanxing in 1998 before he returned to Guangzhou for a brief period before he retired from playing.
After he retired Zhu Bo would take up coaching and go to Italy to gain his coaching badges where after a year once he achieved this he would become an assistant at Wuhan Hongtao, however he unexpectedly became the temporary manager of Wuhan for a short period during the 1999 league season while the club found a permanent coach. Only staying for one season he would instead join the exiting Wuhan coach Milorad Kosanović and join him as an assistant within Dalian Shide. After spending a few years at Dalian Zhu would take his first manager appointment at second tier club Hunan Xiangjun where he achieved little success before joining another lower league side Yunnan Lijiang Dongba and then Nanchang Bayi before becoming an assistant again with top tier side Changsha Ginde F.C. where he was once again given the opportunity to become the team's manager when the previous coach Slobodan Santrač left. This time Zhu's reign lasted considerably longer and he guided the club to an eleventh-place finish.