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subulata              campanulata              mucronata              pectinata              hirtella              debilis              cuneifolia              speciosum              cornuta              ciliata              auriculata              bracteata              foveolata              plumosa              labill              spathulata              robustum              erubescens              calcarata              calcicola              stricta              coriacea              ellipticum              fastigiata              asperum              sessiliflora              atropurpurea              foliosa              aculeata              sagittata              insulare              amoenum              brownii              oblongifolia              gracilipes              breviflora              anomalum              brassii              glabrescens              laxiflora              setigera              horrida              caffra              fraseri              filipes              virgata              connata              pulvinata              pedunculata              ventricosa             

Examples of "hookeri"
The subalpine species "Acrothamnus hookeri" was until 2005 known as "Leucopogon hookeri".
Henry Augustus Pilsbry classified this species as "Helix hookeri" in 1887 or within the genus "Amphidoxa" as "Amphidoxa hookeri" within the family Endodontidae in 1894.
"I. hookeri" occurs worldwide (except Antarctica).
"Notodiscus hookeri" has unique shell micro-scale structure among gastropods:
The larvae feed on "Adriana hookeri" and "Adriana klotzschii".
Harrison and Walker originally labeled the fossil as belonging to the species "Pediorallus barbarae" in 1977. In 1984, Harrison redescribed the fossil as coming from a new species "Pediorallus hookeri", and later that year it was moved to "Lithornis hookeri". "L. hookeri" is the smallest of the Lithornithidae.
Clitarchus hookeri, is a stick insect of the family Phasmatidae, endemic to New Zealand. It is possibly New Zealand's most common stick insect. "Clitarchus hookeri" is often green in appearance, but can also be brown or red in colour.
It occasionally gets mixed up with "Iris hookeri". Mainly because several synonyms of "Iris hookeri", were Iris setosa variants (Iris setosa var. canadensis Foster, Iris setosa f. pallidiflora Fernald, Iris setosa subsp. pygmaea C.E.Lundstr. and Iris setosa f. zonalis Eames).
Two other Pleurophyllum species, "Pleurophyllum hookeri" and "Pleurophyllum criniferum" (giant button daisies) are also megaherbs, reaching in height and with similar broad leaves. The flowers of "P. hookeri" are crimson whilst those of "P. criniferum" are nearly black.
The land snail "Notodiscus hookeri" is not an endangered or a protected species.
Draba hookeri is a species of flowering plant in the Brassicaceae family.
Lithops hookeri is a species of plant in the genus "Lithops", in the family Aizoaceae.
Arctostaphylos hookeri is a species of manzanita known by the common name Hooker's manzanita.
The larvae feed on "Elaeis guineensis", "Phoenix reclinata", and "Raphia hookeri".
Iris hookeri, commonly called the beach head iris, is a species of "Iris".
Haplomitrium hookeri, the Hooker's flapwort, is a species of liverwort from the United Kingdom.
Turritella hookeri is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Turritellidae.
A subspecies "Notodiscus hookeri heardensis" Dell, 1964 was recognized in Heard Island.
"Notodiscus hookeri" was depicted on the 2012 €0.60 French Southern and Antarctic Lands postal stamp.
Pachyphytum hookeri is a species of the genus "Pachyphytum" in the family of Crassulaceae.