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The Kalleshwara temple (also spelt Kalleshvara or Kallesvara) () is located in the town of Hire Hadagali of the Hoovina Hadagalitaluk in Bellary district of Karnataka state, India.
Dasara is the important festival celebrated there and also in January 14 chandika yaga, vishesha hoovina pooje and in April last week Rashipooje are celebrated grandly.
P. T. Parameshwar Naik is an Indian Politician from the state of Karnataka. He is a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly representing the Hoovina Hadagali constituency.
Hukkeri is a name which is derived from two words 'hoovina' + 'kere' means it was a place where plenty of flowers were grown and were supplied to Adilshah of Bijapur.
Hadagali Mallige is known for its rich fragrance and shelf life. Locally known as “Vasane Mallige”, (fragrant Jasmine), it is grown mainly in Hoovina Hadagali and surrounding areas in Bellary district of Karnataka.
In ancient days Raybag was called as "Poobaagi" means "hoovina baagi' (flowers place). The Ratta empire ruled Poobaagi for several centuries. Somanath temple, Narasimha temple and Jain basadi are historical places. Rajaditya was famous a mathematician of Poobaagi.
The music for the film was composed by Vijaya Bhaskar and lyrics for the soundtrack penned by Ku. Ra. Seetharama Shastry. The songs "Haarutha Doora Doora" and "Jeevana Hoovina Haasige" were received very well and considered one of the evergreen hits in Kannada film industry.
Mylara Lingeshwara Temple (ಮೈಲಾರ ಲಿಂಗೇಶ್ವರ ದೇವಸ್ಥಾನ, ಮೈಲಾರ) is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god (Mailari), a form of the god Shiva in Mylara. Located at center of karnataka, It is in the extreme south-western corner of Hoovina Hadagali taluk, Bellary District, Karnataka, India. It is 2 km from Tungabhadra river and 36km  from Hadagali and 36  from Ranebennur.
Modalagatti is a village in Hoovina Hadagali Taluk; of Bellary district in Karnataka state, India. There is an old Anjaneya Swami temple, which is a famous temple in this region. Annually, a Jatra takes place during the month of December. Devotees from all over the Gadag district and Bellary district visit the place.
The audio was received very positively and the songs "Madhura Pisumaatige" and "Hoovina Baanadante", both written by Jayanth Kaikini, earned maximum positive reviews and were on the top of the charts for many weeks. The songs were also nominated at various award functions of the year 2009.
is one of the ancient and historic temples at the extreme south-western corner of Hoovina Hadagali taluk, Bellary District, Karnataka, India. This temple is on the bank of Tungabhadra river, 10 km from Halavagalu and 2 km from Mylara and 36 km from Ranebennur and 326  km from Bangalore.
Born in a Bhagavata family, Navada inherited this art from his father Ramachandra Navada who was a well-known Yakshagana Bhagavatha during the 1960s–80s. Learning the art ranging from 'Hoovina kolu', 'jaapu' and 'chchaapu' of Yakshagana, he stepped into this creative art form. Within a brief span he was able to make good tunes, which attracted people. Imbibing the technicalities of music from the veteran Naranappa Uppoor and Ramachandra Navada, Kalinga Navada's talent was much appreciated by his fans and he was a cult hero of Yakshagana art. With a proper hold on theatre, Navada innovated new ragas to reduce the monotony and increase the attraction thus bringing a special effect in Yakshagana. With a fusion of new ragas like Revati, Kalavathi, Chaand, and Bihag with old ones, Navada was prominent in the Yakshagana field.
Karaga festival in Ramagondanahalli is celebrated in the month of March (on Holi Festival). In the name of the Draupadi and Dharmaraya Swamy, the procession starts usually at midnight and visits all the houses of Ramagondanahalli, Varthur Kodi.There will be 2 kinds of Karaga, first called as Hasi KARAGA,two days prior to the main Hoovina KARAGA.Chariot will be pulled by villagers, a round throughout the village. Ramagondanahalli karaga is very famous festival in East region of Bangalore. The festival would be started 11 days before a full moon day (March in Ramagondanahalli) every year by pulling chariot and ends with grand Karaga festival. The Karaga festival is traditional community function of Thigala community who largely resides ramagondanahalli and they are performing this festival since from 100 years. Sri Dharmarayaswamy temple situated in ramagondanahalli town attracts thousands of devotees on the occasion of Karaga Festival. ramagondanahalli Karaga attracts about 25000 to 30000 people from nearby villages and towns. people of ramagondanahalli invite all of their friends and relatives for this festival and whole streets and houses of ramagondanahalli would be decorated with serial lights, Rangoli would be drawn in front of all the houses of Ramagondanahalli and kodi Village to welcome Karaga to their houses with lot of shraddha and bhakti. People offer prayers to the goddess Draupadi on the day karaga.
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