Synonyms for hormat or Related words with hormat

senjata              kbachkun              pasukan              bendera              berani              diraja              tentera              jalur              berkibar              kalih              krabong              gerak              tayiji              khusus              tandaganon              kehormatan              pusaka              pamegat              timbalan              pengerusi              phrachao              angkatan              jintara              katak              poonlarp              lambang              kanang              naruebet              roka              chaofa              boraan              militer              thiao              duli              payung              sukanaivalu              pedang              tentara              bahwa              darat              yuganda              polisi              brigadir              opponendo              afirika              pripev              krueng              jyut              leftenan              berkibarlah             

Examples of "hormat"
In Indonesia, present arms is given the command in Indonesian: "Hormat Senjata, Gerak!" for personnel carrying arms. The command "Hormat, Gerak!" is the command for personnel not carrying arms and is to execute a hand salute. For commands only to officers carrying swords (sabres), the command would be: "Hormat Pedang, Gerak!", but when officers who parade with men carrying rifles, the "Hormat Senjata, Gerak!" command is used for both officers carrying swords and men carrying rifles to execute the "present arms" position.
The northern part of Kobo woreda is traversed from west to southeast by Hormat River. The river passes south of Zobil Mountains.
In Indonesia, the salute is a very common gesture amongst every part of the country, starting from school to military, police and firefighters, the salute is a gesture that every person must known and is commonly used for the flag raising ceremony. In the military, this gesture is known as Present Arms or in Indonesian: "Hormat Senjata, Gerak" (with weapons) or "Hormat, Gerak" (without weapons).
In the Singapore Armed Forces, The command, Hormat Senja-ta is given. A full arms salute is given to Officers of rank Major and above. A butt salute, with presentation of weapon and left arm at trigger is given to junior officers. In sword drill, the sword is raised, an act of kissing, then lowered in an 8-beat. The sword is pulled back fully.
Official opening of the school was held on October 22, 1977 and was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Selangor YAB Dato' Seri Haji Hormat Bin Rafei, for opening the 1-storey buildings used for administrative purposes until 2010, where the school administration has now moved on new 2-storey detached buildings completed around 2010, replacing the dilapidated building that has been used since 1955. The old wooden building had been demolished on May 9, 2008.