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ventricosa              debilis              tuberculata              gracilipes              bullata              plumosa              calcarata              virgata              foveolata              robustum              subulata              membranacea              aculeata              gracillima              appendiculata              perrieri              velutinus              costata              mucronata              ciliata              atropurpurea              ferruginea              papuana              colorata              eximia              pygmaea              hirtella              poepp              gracilior              constricta              papillosa              decussata              decipiens              ellipticum              rostrata              interrupta              calcicola              cumingii              nitidum              amoenum              lilacina              campanulata              cuneifolia              ciliatum              pustulata              radlk              abbreviata              cornuta              rhipsalis              atrovirens             

Examples of "horrida"
The Latin specific epithet "horrida" means "with many prickles".
Many authors, including Henderson "et al." (1995) and Borchenius and Bernal (1996) use "A. aculeata" rather than "A. horrida", giving Jacquin's description of "Caryota horrida" a publication date of 1809, three years after Willdenow's 1806 description. On the other hand, Govaerts "et al." (2006) gives Jacquin's work a publication date of 1801, giving "A. horrida" priority over "A. aculeata".
Banksia horrida, commonly known as Prickly Dryandra, is a shrub endemic to Western Australia. It was known as Dryandra horrida until 2007, when all "Dryandra" species were transferred to "Banksia" by Austin Mast and Kevin Thiele.
It is closely related to "Gleditsia japonica" (syn. "G. horrida") from eastern Asia, and is treated as a subspecies of it by some botanists, "Gleditsia horrida" subsp. "caspica" (Desf.) J.Paclt.
"Dalbergia horrida" (see "Dalbergia"), "Dichrostachys cinerea", "Vachellia horrida", "Acacia planifrons", "Albizia amara", "Zizyphus" sp. and a few "Azadirachta indica", "Dodonia viscosa", "Carissa carandas", "Pterolobium hexapetalum", "Euphorbia", "Acalypha fruticosa" and "Ocimum tenuiflorum" form the undergrowth.
Billbergia horrida is a species in the genus "Billbergia". This species is native to Brazil.
It was first described by James Dwight Dana in 1846 as "Madrepora horrida" in Fiji.
Eupithecia horrida is a moth in the Geometridae family. It is found in China (Yunnan).
Raphitoma horrida is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Raphitomidae.
Hohenbergia horrida is a species in the genus "Hohenbergia". This species is endemic to Brazil.
Aaptos horrida is a sea sponge belonging to the phylum Porifera. The species was described in 1886.
Lanarkia horrida is an extinct thelodont agnathan which existed in what is now Scotland during the upper Silurian period.
Pterolophia horrida is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Breuning in 1938.
Megachile horrida is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Schulten in 1977.
Psytalla horrida is an insect in the "Psytalla" genus of assassin bugs. It is commonly called the "horrid king assassin bug".
Hakea horrida is a shrub of the genus "Hakea" native to an area in the Wheatbelt, Great Southern and Goldfields-Esperance regions of Western Australia.
"in omnibus dura, compositio aspera, nullo fuco, nullo lenocinio mollita, sententiæ graves, argumenta ad probandum id quod voluit firma, sed elocutione et impositione nominum horrida et confragosa."
"Muehlenbeckia horrida subsp. abdita", commonly known as the Remote Thorny Lignum, is a critically endangered species due to its intolerance to salinity.
Eurycantha horrida, the thorny devil walking stick, is a species belonging to the stick insects (order Phasmatodea) and to the family Phasmatidae.
Muehlenbeckia horrida" subsp. "abdita, recently known as 'Duma" subsp. abdita and commonly known as Remote Thorny Lignum, is a critically endangered shrub endemic to Western Australia.