Synonyms for hostinec or Related words with hostinec

velimachi              preselentsi              dravce              sukorady              borovnice              honorami              spasena              radslavice              lieskovany              kuzmice              sarnino              betini              treppen              karesz              rudashevski              iwonka              pisarovo              willanzheim              mardisch              kibena              sheddup              jaktorowo              zbinohy              zuberbach              ragelsdorf              rupinda              pensaskari              divnoye              althodis              fundevogel              skorkov              lipovice              podhorany              leigri              alojza              chanava              rudice              ignacewo              provincija              sonnseite              matejovce              lyulyakovo              svinjarevci              kloostri              jelmstorf              lemsal              kozly              spasovo              rasno              drymades             

Examples of "hostinec"
It is also the name of a Cultural Centre in the Královo Pole district of Brno, Czech Republic, which takes its name from the former public house "U semilassa", once known as the "Schaffgotschův hostinec", which was renamed about 1836 in tribute to Pückler-Muskau.
During the Nazi occupation in 1941 Poláček's humoristic novel "Hostinec u kamenného stolu" was published under the name of painter V. Rada. It was made into a movie in 1949. After the Second World War a novel about his childhood in Rychnov nad Kněžnou "Bylo nás pět" (1949) ("There Were Five Of Us") was published.
In this Detour, intersected teams had to choose between Snap or Roll. In Snap, teams had to take photos of three historic monuments ("Statue of St. Wenceslas in Wenceslas Square", "Lenin Statue in Museum of Communism", and "Estates Theatre") in Prague and submit the photographs as evidence before the personnel positioned in front of the Statue of Josef Mánes would hand them their next clue. In Roll, teams had to locate Hostinec U Váhy and collect two 50-litre (13 gallons) beer kegs and roll it to the Admiral Botel. After the Detour, they are no longer intersected. In this Roadblock, one team member had to climb up to a ten-metre high diving board and jump off it into the pool below to receive their next clue.