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fraussen              bozzetti              favartia              dermomurex              hervier              coralliophila              murexsul              vokesimurex              laseron              schepman              boucheti              bicarinata              monterosato              raphitoma              pterynotus              mangelia              chicoreus              monsecour              orbigny              engina              tapparone              cossignani              drillia              stosicia              unifasciata              thielei              clavatula              pagodula              canefri              rissoa              murexiella              timbellus              pallidula              glyphostoma              wareni              harasewych              nodulosa              jousseaume              solariella              verhecken              manzonia              gaskoin              skenea              dautzenbergi              pilsbry              daphnella              kilburni              bellardi              latirus              sibogae             

Examples of "houart"
Houart (1999) transferred 14 Indo-Pacific species and three subspecies of "Haustellum" in the genus "Vokesimurex".
This genus was named after the malacologist Philippe Bouchet.It has become a synonym of "Paziella (Bouchetia)" Houart & Héros, 2008, itself an alternate representation of "Paziella" Jousseaume, 1880
On November 18, 2007, an estimated 25,000 people marched in Brussels to support the unity of Belgium. The march was organized by Marie-Claire Houart whose petition calling for unity was signed by 140,000 Belgians.
The Kerouartz family is one of the oldest noble families in Brittany. It originated with the English knight Auralus Houart Miles, sent by the English king in 1164 to assist Conan IV, Duke of Brittany. Auralus built the castle 'Ker-Houart', later renamed 'Kerouartz' - it was initially built in Landéda parish but after being destroyed several times by the English it was re-sited to Lannilis about 3 km away. The castle was seized as national property when the family emigrated during the French Revolution and sold. One of the family's later members was the Royalist naval officer Alain-François Le Borgne de Keruzoret.
By the end of 2010, Bouchet had described (alone or together with others) more than 500 new species, mainly gastropods. More than 70 new species have been named in his honor. Bouchet was honored with a new genus named after him by Houart & Héros in 2008:" Bouchetia". And in 2012, Bouchet was honored by having a monotypic family (and genus) of gastropods named after him: Bouchetispiridae (and "Bouchetispira") by Kantor, Strong & Puillandre.
A collection of aviation stories was published in 1957 by Major Victor Houart, a friend of Coandă's, who wrote that he was an eyewitness the day Coandă flew and crashed. One chapter of the book describes how Houart, together with a group of French dragoons, watched as Coandă taxied twice around the airfield, lifted off to avoid the ruins of an old fortification wall, started flames from the engine by applying too much power, and was thrown from the aircraft the moment it hit the wall, with Coandă "not badly hurt". Houart's version put the fuel tank in the overhead wing, which was metal. In further statements, Coandă said that his 1910 aircraft had movable leading edge slots, retractable landing gear and a fuel supply which was held in the overhead wing to reduce fuselage profile and thus drag. In 1965, Coandă presented a set of drawings, photographs and specifications of the 1910 aircraft to the National Air and Space Museum (NASM), prepared by Huyck Corporation and received by Director S. Paul Johnston and early aviation curator Louis Casey.