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Examples of "houbrick"
Until the study of Richard S. Houbrick (1980) almost nothing had been written about the soft parts of these snails. The animal has a long siphon. The cephalic tentacles have the eyes at their base. The taenioglossate radula has a quadrate rachdian tooth, flanked on each side a trapezoidal lateral tooth and two long marginal teeth. Their larvae are pelagic.
This contradicts Ponder (1994) who grouped "Finella" with "Scaliola" in a separate family Scaliolidae [Scaliolidae is nevertheless kept distinct by Bandel (2006: 76) on the basis of having a shell agglutinating sand-grains]. It also contradicts Houbrick (1993) who holds the Bittiinae as a subfamily of the Cerithiidae.
This is the type specimen for which Tomlin created a new family Abyssochrisidae, but couldn't refer at the time to any superfamily. Some years later he thought it had any affinities with the families Littorinidae and Thiaridae . Houbrick (1979) brought the then known species of "Abyssochrysos" in the superfamily Loxonematacea , with close affinities to the families Zygopleuridae , Paleozygopleuridae , and Pseudozygopleuridae .