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Examples of "housesitting"
During the summer of 2003, poet Reetika Vazirani was housesitting the Normans' Chevy Chase home. There, on July 16, she killed her young son before committing suicide.
During the summer of 2003, poet Reetika Vazirani was housesitting the Norman's Chevy Chase home. There, on July 16, she killed her young son before committing suicide.
Valerie, Eileen, Valerie's sister Janet, and Janet's partner Nigel were housesitting in Smugglers Lane, Bosham, for friends who were out of the country at the time. Family and friends visited them and Valerie's birthday was celebrated on Christmas Day.
On July 16, 2003, Vazirani was housesitting in the Chevy Chase, Maryland, home of novelist Howard Norman and his wife, the poet, Jane Shore. There, Vazirani killed her two-year-old son, Jehan, by slashing his wrist, and then committed suicide.
Mr. Sheridan (Michael Currie), Rebecca' corporate vice president. In "Adventures in Housesitting" (1989), he assigns her to babysit his doberman, Buster. In "For Real Men Only" (1989), he assigns her to manage a retirement party at the bar for an employee, Larry.
Seven years later (in 2006) while housesitting for her sister who was away on holiday, Tricia decided to post the first 10 pages of the book on her newly created Blogger account. She had only just heard of blogging and decided to use the platform as a means for promoting her story.
Adams appeared in the skateboarding movie "Grind". In 2004, Adams renewed her contract with Vivid for 10 more years. On November 15, 2006 Adams announced that she would return to the adult film industry. Adams was featured as a promotional model for the Las Vegas nightclub Tangerine at Treasure Island. Adams shot an episode for the Cinemax softcore show "The Best Sex Ever". The episode named "Housesitting" also featured Keri Windsor and first aired in July 2002.
The book is set during two different time periods and follows Evie during the present day and in the 1960s in Northern California. In the present day Evie is housesitting and runs into a young man and woman that reminds her of her past, when she was drawn to a charismatic cult leader. In her past recollections Evie remembers the eventsand peoplethat brought her to join the cult and its inevitable and bloody conclusion.
Jake goes to Sadie's flat to begin housesitting, and is surprised to see a copy of "The Silencer" on a bookshelf—did Hugo give it to her? His pleasure in the flat's luxury is soon destroyed: firstly by a call from Hugo, asking for Miss Quentin (he hangs up when he hears Jake), and secondly by the discovery that he has been deliberately locked in. He calls from the window to his friends, Dave and Finn, who pick the lock and rescue him. Jake resolves to find Hugo, who must love Anna, and have given her the idea for the mime theatre.
The song appears in the opening credits of the 2001 movie "Ghost World". In an interview, Ghost World writer Daniel Clowes mentions that he obtained his 20th generation copy of the scene from someone who had been housesitting for Peter Holsapple, guitarist and songwriter for The dB's, and he copied it from Peter's collection. Then they approached the sons of the producers and acquired the rights to use the song in the movie. The "Ghost World DVD" features the entire music video from the movie.
With a few unexpected bumps along the way, such as running into, accidentally knocking out and then getting high the nephew of Taylor, who was housesitting, Dexter and Royce successfully manage to steal the safe. En route back to Dexter’s apartment to grab Mattie, they run into Abel. A classic car chase causes our boys to seek refuge in a mall where they encounter a midget security guard named Martin. After winning his trust (Martin has unresolved issues with cults himself) he lets them leave without further trouble.
In 1991, the song was used in a "Saturday Night Live" commercial parody called "Schmitt's Gay." The commercial, which spoofed beer company advertisers who targeted specific demographics, featured Chris Farley & Adam Sandler as two gay men who are housesitting and find themselves surrounded by attractive, and presumably gay, men wearing bikini swim trunks, with whom both characters end up cavorting merrily. The initial broadcast and subsequent rebroadcasts shortly thereafter featured the original Van Halen song, but later syndicated broadcasts use generic rock guitar riffs produced by the "SNL" band, presumably due to licensing costs. Phil Hartman was the announcer for both versions.
In January of 2015, Terra and his wife, Sheila Dee, sold everything in order to travel the world. The couple began a blog and a podcast called "The Opportunistic Travelers", as well as a second travel podcast called "This One Time". The blog is known for its exploration of novel methods of financing travel, including long-term housesitting in their desired travel destinations. Terra delivered the opening keynote address at both the TBEX Asia Pacific travel writers' convention in the Philippines in October of 2016 and the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair in January of 2017.
After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre in 1983, Sorkin moved to New York City where he spent much of the 1980s as a struggling, sporadically employed actor who also worked odd jobs, such as delivering singing telegrams, driving a limousine, touring Alabama with the children's theatre company Traveling Playhouse, handing out fliers promoting a hunting-and-fishing show, and bartending at Broadway's Palace Theatre. One weekend, while housesitting at a friend's place he found an IBM Selectric typewriter, started typing, and "felt a phenomenal confidence and a kind of joy that [he] had never experienced before in [his] life."
During the band's appearance on the live music TV show "Cold: Live At The Chapel", Richards revealed the song was written while he was housesitting for Deborah Conway, and was inspired by, and named after, a book she owned about an Australian wartime photographer Neil Davis. Richards has said, "Deborah has a wonderful collection of records and books. She was on holidays, so I was looking after the house and taking advantage of all that. I was also listening to a lot of early Bob Dylan, which would explain the chord progression."
The next day, Lila (Tricia Helfer) arrives at the house and is greeted by David (Brian Geraghty), who has chained Alice into the crawlspace. Lila approves of their new house, and announces that it is now home. David sets up a video camera in an upstairs window as Lila relaxes in the hot tub. Josh arrives at the house to retrieve his golf clubs and is surprised to find Lila in the hot tub. She explains that she is housesitting and seduces Josh. David films their encounter, and when Lila is ready to climax, he retrieves a kitchen knife. David gives the knife to Lila, and she stabs Josh in the neck, leaving David to clean up the body.
Fauntleroy is the pet dog of one of the Fox's neighbors. He is the main focal point of some arcs focusing on Peter. Peter does not like housesitting or having anything to do with Fauntleroy, as Fauntleroy frequently bites him and chews him up. He once states that God should strike him dead with lightning if he is ever to interact with Fauntleroy ever again, although he is eventually forced to do so due to not being able to find any viable summer jobs. It was once implied at the end of one arc that the reason why Fauntleroy frequently bites Peter was because Peter was unknowingly using beef tallow shampoo. In another strip, Fauntleroy also foils an escape attempt by Peter, the latter of whom was implied to have attempted to do so three nights in a row.
Jacob Hunt is eighteen years old, lives with his mother Emma and brother Theo, and has Asperger's syndrome, then considered a form of high-functioning autism. Jacob lives by a structured schedule and feels comfortable only when all of his daily activities are planned; Emma indulges him by bending her and Theo's lives around his needs. Jacob is obsessed with forensic analysis to the point of compulsion. His need to engage in structured, single-minded activities, as well as his obsession with detail, often frustrates his mother and infuriates his brother. The novel opens with Jacob setting up a crime scene (in which he is the victim) for his mother to solve. Jacob is later accused of murdering his tutor Jess Ogilvy. Eventually it is revealed that Theo snuck into a house Jess was housesitting at and startled her, causing her to accidentally hit her head on the sink and die. When Jacob showed up for tutoring, he staged a crime scene to make it look like Jess's boyfriend Mark Maguire had committed the murder and then Mark had tried to make it look like a kidnapping. Jacob states that he did this to take care of his brother, in accordance with a "house rule" set down by Emma, and that he would do it again.
Season one introduced a few characters that recurred throughout the season as well as several guest stars. Jennifer Coolidge portrayed Sophie Kaczynski, a Polish cleaning businesswoman who moves into the building where Max and Caroline live, beginning in the episode "And the New Neighbor". She was later upgraded to series regular in the next season. Nick Zano portrayed Johnny, a street artist and Max's potential love interest. Brooke Lyons played Peaches Landis, a wealthy clueless mother who hires Max as her babysitter of her twins. Marsha Thomason appeared in the season as Johnny's British girlfriend and Max's romantic rival Cashandra. Brian Gross and Greg Worswick appeared in two episodes of the season as a gay couple Steven and Michael. Noah Mills played Robbie, Max's ex-boyfriend in two episodes. Businesswoman Martha Stewart appeared in the season finale as herself. Jayson Blair, who starred in the MTV series The Hard Times of RJ Berger, starred in "And the Spring Break" as Brendon, a tenant in the apartment that Max and Caroline are housesitting for. Stand-up comedian Eddie Pepitone appeared in "And Hoarder Culture" as the voice of the hoarder that Max and Caroline help out.
A few months after the verdict David begins plotting against Gary. He steals tools from Bill Webster (Peter Armitage) and lets Gary take the wrap for it, only to defend him, this is a way for him to make Gary believe the air is cleared between the pair as they shake hands and make up. David tricks Gary into buying stolen goods from him - but they actually belong to Graeme. In June 2009, David takes full revenge on Gary when his mother Gail (Helen Worth) and grandmother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) go abroad. He tricks Gary into robbing a house - which is Audrey's - David steals the keys and hides all photos of his family so Gary won't know whose house he is burgling. While David deliberately stays at home during the burglary, he asks Graeme to spy on Gary as he goes to the house, Gary is about to go home when he hears that David is not coming, but instead goes into the house. Graeme tells David about this via phone and David tells him to call the police. However, David's grandfather Ted Paige (Michael Byrne), who is housesitting, arrives at Audrey's. Gary sees him and pushes him as he tries to make a run for it, while Ted chases him. Ted recognises him and calls the police. Gary returns to the Street only to see a police car outside his house, he has no choice but to run away. David's plan to frame Gary and get rid of him has tragic consequences as Ted later has a heart attack, which he survives. Len offers Gary an alibi, but Gary is still arrested, only to be released later. Gary realises that David has set him up and attacks him, warning him not to cross him again. Gary had told his parents and the police that he wasn't robbing Audrey's house, however he later tells his parents the truth and decides to confess to the police.