Synonyms for hristic or Related words with hristic

willfurth              kranjcar              brauneder              krankl              heraf              pfeifenberger              keglevits              lainer              aurednik              seitl              kienast              munjakovic              uridil              schobesberger              kincl              marasek              smistik              weinhofer              sliwowski              prosenik              kirbes              pajenk              penksa              wondrak              musiol              krejcirik              konietzka              kuthan              kaspirek              mandreko              mehsarosch              jancker              halilovic              bonhof              skocik              lask              ilsanker              ivanschitz              guzmics              sabitzer              lokvenc              pregesbauer              rotpuller              lagonikakis              jelavic              niederbacher              rehnelt              wernitznig              bazina              wesely             

Examples of "hristic"
In this house lived Hrista Jovanović with his family, and later his successors, whose last name was Jovanović, overturned in Hristic. After World War II, the house changed its purpose because the Municipality of Pirot awarded the newly created National Museum in Pirot.
Ballet has always been a great part of the National Theatre Belgrade. One of its most important and most watched ballet performances is the Swan Lake. Ballet of the National Theatre is very well known by its world premieres. One of the titles national Ballet is proud the most is Anna Karenina by Russian composer Schedrin, as well as The Legend from Ohrid by Serbian composer S. Hristic.