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nikolina              desislava              nevena              vasileva              jovana              tsvetelina              mihaela              natalija              reneta              mirela              todorova              plamena              dijana              miglena              dimitrova              sofiya              mladenova              topalova              kirilova              antoaneta              tijana              dimova              ksenija              natasa              denisa              borislava              filipova              jekaterina              rumyana              elizabeta              ilieva              ieva              velichkova              anzhelika              svetla              nastassia              sanja              nicoleta              maneva              nikoleta              danijela              zlatka              jasmina              alenka              shtereva              vanja              radmila              aleksandrova              marijana              anamarija             

Examples of "hristina"
Zlatna Arena za najbolju glumicu – Hristina Popovic
He is the father of alpine skier Vladimir Drazhev and the grand father of the figure skater Hristina Vassileva.
Hristina Vassileva was born on 22 July 1984 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the granddaughter of Dimitar Drazhev. Since her marriage to Vyacheslav Zhechev in 2010, her surname may also appear as Vassileva-Zhecheva. Hristina is mother of two beautiful daughters Isabella (born 2012) and Sofia (born 2013). In July 2016 Hristina moved with her family to Miami, USA where she is training and coaching at Kendall Ice Arena
Hristina Popović (born 26 March 1982) is a Serbian actress. She appeared in more than twenty films since 1991.
Hristina Hantzi-Neag (born 26 December 1976) is a retired Greek hurdler who specialized in the 400 metres hurdles.
Hristina Stefanova is the wife of Zdravko (the winner of Big Brother 1). Before entering the show, Zdravko proposed marriage to her. She accepted, and entered the house on Day 5 with their daughter Yanitsa (who was the third child to live in the house). Surprisingly, Hristina became a winner on Day 33.
From 2016 Hristina started performing as a model, presenting for the Bulgarian fashion group Megz. On October 6, 2016, she was announced as the first performer to be signed to Krisko's label Adamand Records. Hristina subsequently adopted the stage name "Tita" and her debut single "Voodoo Kukla" was released on the same day featuring Krisko accompanied by a music video.
Zdravko Vasilev is from Primorsko. He entered the house on Day 1 and became a winner on Day 92. An interesting fact is that his girlfriend Hristina contacted him during his stay in the house to tell him she was pregnant. On 26 March 2007 Zdravko entered the house again, this time as a participant in VIP Brother 2. Before entering, he proposed marriage to Hristina. On Day 5, she entered the house, too with their daughter. The couple married in the house. Surprisingly, Hristina was the winner of VIP Brother 2.
Hristina Risteska (born 21 December 1991 in Prilep) is a Macedonian sprinter who specializes in the 400 metres. She represented Macedonia at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Born in Silistra, in 2014 Hristina participated in the Bulgarian version of the reality show "The X Factor" as part of the Sweet 16 girl band. She joined the show as an solo artist, but later X-Factor judges formed a girl's group with Hristina, Gery-Nikol and Mishel, with Bulgarian rapper Krisko as their mentor. However they left the show, finishing in 8th position in the 7th live show.
The show started on 26 March 2007 and ended on 27 April 2007. It lasted for 33 Days - 4 Days longer than the previous season, because of the high ratings. VIP Brother 2 was hosted by Niki Kanchev. The winner was Hristina - the only non-VIP housemate (she is also the wife of Big Brother 1's winner Zdravko, who participated in VIPB2, too). Hristina won 100 000 leva.
Georgiev previously had a fling with singer Liana and was formerly in a long-term relationship with Hristina Vitanova (with whom he has two children). Georgiev is currently engaged to Russian dancer Esmer Omerova.
Hristina Vassileva-Zhecheva (, born July 22, 1984) is a Bulgarian figure skater. She is six time Bulgarian national champion and reached the free skate at four ISU Championships. She achieved her best result, 16th, at the 2001 European Championships.
Velichkov has played as a concert performer. He has also worked with other young performers including Klara Shuman (flute), Hristina Lazarova (soprano), Uljana Levit (soprano), Fulvio Bertosso, Ina Petkova (violoncello), Maiko Enomoto (violin) and Miho Yamamura (piano).
Hristina Tancheva Georgieva (, born 3 January 1972 in Sofia) is a female javelin thrower from Bulgaria. Her personal best throw is 63.32 metres, achieved in June 2000 in Athens.
Sweet 16 is a Bulgarian pop girl group, which was created through the Nova television talent show "X Factor" in 2014. The group comprises the singers Gery-Nikol Georgieva, Hristina Hristova and Mishel Straminski.
Naiden Borichev (; born 7 January 1980 in Sofia) is a Bulgarian former competitive figure skater. He is the 2003 Ondrej Nepela Memorial champion and a two-time Bulgarian national champion (2007 and 2008). He was coached by Evelina Panova and then coached himself. He also coached his teammate, Hristina Vassileva.
"Draga" (meaning "dear") was the fourth daughter of Panta Lunjevica, a prefect of the Aranđelovac area, and wife Anđelija (née Koljević). Draga was the sixth of seven siblings. She had two brothers, Nikola and Nikodije, and four sisters, Hristina, Đina, Ana and Vojka. Draga's mother was a dipsomaniac and her father died in a lunatic asylum.
Hristina Hristova (born July 19, 1999), was born in Tutrakan and raised in Silistra, Bulgaria. From 2016 she is also a model for Megz. On 6 October 2016 she was announced as the first performer in the Krisko's label Adamand Records. She also adopted the stage name TITA.
Velichkov started to play the piano when he was six. A year later he became a member of his father's piano class as a student in The National High School For Music, Dance and Theatre „Hristina Morfova“, Stara Zagora, graduating in 2005.