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ShaoFeng(邵峰) is a young, honorable man whose family is in charge of the business of a large-scale hotel called BaiHe Hotel. Actually he is the only one in his family who has the ability to lead the big company because his grandfather, the former chairman of the company, is too old to take such a heavy burden. Besides, his grandfather is in poor health and all he wishes before his death is to see his lost granddaughter, Zhang HuaXiu(张华秀). Therefore, he asks ShaoFeng(邵峰) to employ every means to look for Huaxiu(华秀). When ShaoFeng is told by his secretary that his cousin has died in a fire, he is very upset because he can't carry out his grandfather’s last wish. In order to help his grandfather recover, he hires a young, smart girl called PengXiaoQian(彭小千), who comes from a poor family with a heavy debt to pay, to play the role of his cousin. Out of her need for money, she agrees to act as his cousin and moves into Shao Feng’s house. Under Xiaoqian’s(小千) considerate care, ShaoFeng’s grandfather recovers his health quickly and begins to like his granddaughter before long. Living in the same house, the two young people gradually take to each other. However, they never express their feelings to each other because they are cousins in the eyes of the others. Unexpectedly, ShaoFeng’s ex-girlfriend LuoYingYing(骆盈盈), an excellent pianist who left ShaoFeng two years ago, comes back from Paris with the wish to patch up their broken relations. Although Shao Feng is still dating her, he pays more attention to Xiaoqian, which makes Yinging(盈盈) unhappy.