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Examples of "hubmann"
Hubmann is the younger brother of orienteering champion Daniel Hubmann.
Hubmann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Hubmann won the men's overall World Cup in 2008, before Thierry Gueorgiou and Matthias Merz.
"a." "The Habsburg Empire. The World of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Original Photographs 1840-1916" by Franz Hubmann, Vienna, 1971, attributes this theatre to Fellner & Helmer.
Jerker Lysell is a Swedish orienteering competitor. He won a bronze medal in the sprint at the 2012 European Orienteering Championships in Falun, tying with Daniel Hubmann.
Hubmann was ranked no. 1 on the IOF (International Orienteering Federation) World Ranking per October 2006, and was also ranked no. 1 on the list at the end of the 2008 season (per 10 October 2008).
He received a silver medal with the Swiss team in the "relay event" at the 2008 European Orienteering Championships in Ventspils, with Matthias Merz and Daniel Hubmann. He finished 6th in the "long course".
Daniel Hubmann (born 16 April 1983 in Eschlikon, Thurgau) is a Swiss orienteering competitor, world champion in the "long course" and winner of the overall Orienteering World Cup in 2008.
Vilius Aleliūnas (born October 19, 1987 in Panevėžys) is a Lithuanian orienteering competitor. At the World Games in 2013 he won a bronze medal in the middle distance, behind Matthias Kyburz and Daniel Hubmann, and ahead of Rasmus Thrane Hansen.
Martin Hubmann (born 1989) is a Swiss orienteering competitor, world champion and European champion. He was a member of the relay team that won gold medals at the 2012 European Orienteering Championships in Falun. He won a gold medal in the sprint relay with the Swiss team at the 2014 World Orienteering Championships.
Claus Bloch (born 12 March 1977) is a Danish orienteering competitor. He received a bronze medal in the "sprint" event at the 2006 World Orienteering Championships in Aarhus, behind Emil Wingstedt and Daniel Hubmann. He participated on the Danish team that finished 8th at the 2006 World championship.
He won a Gold medal in the Relay with the Swiss team at the 2010 European Orienteering Championships in Primorsko. He won the Sprint Distance at the 2010 World Orienteering Championships in Trondheim, and the Bronze medal in the Relay competition together with Daniel Hubmann and Matthias Merz.
Hubmann received a silver medal at the Sprint World Orienteering Championships in 2005, and again in 2006, and a bronze medal in the "relay event" in 2005 as member of the Swiss Relay team. He became Junior World Champion in 2002 in Alicante, both in the "long distance" and with the Swiss relay team.
Florian Howald (born 20 August 1991) is a Swiss orienteering competitor. At the 2016 World Orienteering Championships in Strömstad he won a silver medal in mixed sprint relay with the Swiss team, along with Rahel Friederich, Martin Hubmann and Judith Wyder.
Seibt coached in Vienna from 1955 to 1962, in Düsseldorf from 1962 to 1967, and in Milan from 1967 to 1972. His students included Hanna Eigel, Regine Heitzer, Trixi Schuba, Evelyn Rossoukhi-Schneider, Christa Jorda, Sissy Zehetmayer, Günter Anderl, Gerhard Hubmann, Ronald Koppelent, Peter Jonas, Claudia Kristofics-Binder, Helmut Kristofics-Binder, Diana Hinko / Heinz Döpfl, Petra Ruhrmann, Dagmar Lurz, Uschi Kessler, Rita Trapanese. The Hellmut Seibt Memorial is an annual competition named after him.
Major practitioners include: Ernesto Amador Presas (deceased), Fred Lazo (deceased), Ernesto Presas Jr., Pepe Yap, Mike Bowers, Alex France, Lito Concepcion, Juerg Ziegler, John R. Malmo, Jon Rudy, Andy Elliott, Shelley Millspaugh, Vincent Pernice, Wolfgang Schnur, Walter Hubmann, Edwin Lao, Thorbjørn “Toby” Hartelius, Johan Skålberg, Alex Ercia, Audy Ercia, Tomi Harell, Jose G. Paman, Allan Fami, Oliver Garduce, Randy Remolin, Jess Pablo (deceased), Carlos Pulanco, Andreas Boruta, Heikki Martikainen, Oskar Wirmark, Giovanni Zagari, Patrick Paulo, and Marina Regnér.
In addition to anchoring Kristiansand Orienteringsklubb's relay teams to victory in both Tiomila and Jukola, Hubmann, together with teammate Matthias Merz, became the first man to take World Championship medals in all four orienteering disciplines. He accomplished this feat by earning the silver medal in the middle distance at the World Championships in Miskolc, Hungary on 19 August 2009. He followed this up a day later by winning the bronze medal in the sprint distance.
Some of the most famous photographers of the 20th century took photographs of Morandi, at his house on via Fondazza, at Grizzana Morandi's house, and at the Venice Biennal. Photographers who took pictures of Morandi or his studio include: Herbert List, Duane Michals, Jean Francois Bauret, Paolo Prandi, Paolo Ferrari, Lamberto Vitali, Libero Grandi, Franz Hubmann, Leo Lionni, Antonio Masotti, Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, Lee Miller, Giancolombo, Ugo Mulas, Luigi Ghirri, Gianni Berengo Gardin, and Luciano Calzolari. As part of his series "Das Meisterstück", Matthias Schaller photographed Morandi's palette.
Matthias Merz (born 1 February 1984) is a Swiss orienteering competitor, winner of the 2007 World Orienteering Championships in Kiev, Ukraine, Long distance, and also earned a silver medal on the Sprint distance in the same championship. He has a bronze medal from the 2005 Relay Championships in Aichi, Japan, as member of the Swiss winning team. When Merz won the bronze medal in the middle distance at the World Championships in Miskolc in 2009, he joined countryman Daniel Hubmann as the only two men to have ever medaled in all four orienteering disciplines at the World Championships.