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Examples of "hudey"
Marsha Hudey is a Canadian speedskater from White City, Saskatchewan. She skated in the 500 m event at the 2014 Winter Olympics. At the 2007 Canada Winter Games Hudey won two gold medals as a competitor for Saskatchewan.
Crockett's sprint team includes Canadian national team skaters: Gilmore Junio, William Dutton, Heather McLean and Marsha Hudey; he also coaches international skaters: Mika Poutala, Lee Sang-hwa and Maki Tsuji.
Lee Sang-hwa of South Korea won the first race, while Zhang Hong of China came second, and Brittany Bowe of the United States came third. Marsha Hudey of Canada won the first Division B race.
Race two was won by Heather Richardson of the United States, while Brittany Bowe of the United States came second, and Nao Kodaira of Japan came third. Marsha Hudey of Canada won Division B of race two.
During the 2013 pre-Olympics season, Dutton trained in Norway with American coach Peter Mueller of Norwegian professional team CBA and Speed Skating Canada chose not to name him to the 2013 national development team. Skating as an independent Dutton skated the men's 500 and 1000 meters at the Canadian Olympic trials in Calgary, qualifying at both distances. He and fellow Saskatchewan skater Marsha Hudey were two of three skaters not on the Canadian national or development teams to qualify for the Canadian Olympic team (the third was Vincent de Haitre of Ontario).