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spillner              bruggmann              lakomy              rydl              mahnken              rohrig              trousil              kretlow              nocke              touchton              fogt              nasheim              gubser              holthaus              kurnicki              jokisch              nemetz              gengler              hestler              reher              thielman              wengert              garvis              bideaux              troha              ertle              laurich              oberbeck              nuttycombe              mccolman              ekedahl              behle              mignod              kusserow              freiwald              kersch              cassen              jorens              cvengros              sheffler              bovee              schmickler              guhl              hillner              noetzel              zeniuk              rister              peacey              fickes              lavercombe             

Examples of "huggler"
Charles Beare, Max Moller, Pierre Vidoudez, Dario D'Attili, Hans Weisshaar, Anthony Wrona, Jacques Francais, Frank Passa, Bernard Millant, Mario F. D'Alessandro, Harry Duffy, Renè Morel, William Salchow, Hans Nebel, Vahakn Nigogosian, C. Ray Ferguson, Carlos Arcieri, David Segal, Carleen M. Hutchins, Francesco Bissolotti, William J. Huggler, Ronald J. Huggler.
Huggler Peak () is a sharp snow-covered peak, high, in the northern part of Anderson Massif, in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica. It was mapped by the United States Geological Survey from surveys and U.S. Navy air photos from 1961–66, and was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for John Q. Huggler, a U.S. Navy Reserve storekeeper who assisted in various construction projects at McMurdo Station during U.S. Navy Operation Deep Freeze in 1966.
Volwiler's brother was the noted Ohio University historian, Albert T. Volwiler. Ernest Volwiler married Lillian F. Huggler (1894-1991) in 1920. The couple were survived by two daughters and a son.
In 1987, the Association celebrated its sesquicentennial. The Association's most valued achievement that year was its commissioning of John Harbison's Second String Quartet. The Association also co-sponsored the work's premiere performance by the Emerson String Quartet. A Sesquicentennial Dinner was held at the St. Botolph Club. New works continue to be commissioned from time to time, including in the last several years compositions by John Bavicchi, Arthur Berger, John Huggler, Thomas Oboe Lee, and Thomas McGah.
Lauterburg plays her Album "Allein" in spring 2010. The music was created on a hike Lauterburg undertook alone out of an urban landscape up to the lake Seebergsee. She carried the recorder in her backpack and recorded nine songs at different inspiring places along the trail. Some were her own songs and some are traditional Swiss folk songs from Max Huggler. Parts of the material was later supplemented by guitarist Hank Shizzoe in the studio. Hank coproduced the album.
Streeter and his wife, Irene, were the only passengers on a Koolhoven FK.50, HB-AMO which crashed into Mount Kelleköpfli on a flight from Basel to Bern on 10 September 1937. The crew started the descent to Basel in low visibility due to foggy conditions. The plane hit Mount Kelleköpfli located near Waldenburg, 25 kilometers southeast from the Basel airport. The pilot Walter Eberschweiler and the Streeters were killed immediately, while the radio operator/navigator Hans Huggler survived the accident, but was severely wounded.