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Examples of "hugley"
Carolyn F. Hugley is a Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives, representing the 143rd district since 1992. She is currently Minority Whip.
Earle has been married to his second wife, Twila Hugley Earle, for nearly three decades. With his first wife, Barbara, he had two children, Elisabeth and Jason Earle. He also has one stepdaughter, Nikki Rowling, and two grandchildren.
Hugley played for the Tulsa Talons who were a member of the af2 from 2007-2009, winning the af2 Ironman of the Year Award in 2007. He helped the Talons to a 2007 ArenaCup victory, earning game MVP.
On August 9, 2006, Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hugley announced the city's termination of the Vipers' lease on the Columbus Civic Center, ending their sole year in Columbus, Georgia.
Ellis E. Williams (born June 28, 1951) is an American film and television actor/comedian who is better known for playing "Henry Hugley" (father of Darryl Hughley, played by comedian D.L. Hughley) on the sitcom, "The Hughleys".
During Steve Harvey's television show which aired November 14, 2016, Steve read a proclamation from Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaiming November 14 as "Bernie Mac Day". Steve Harvey's guest included Bernie's wife and high school sweetheart Rhonda, their daughter Je'Niece, granddaughter Jasmine and Bernie's co-stars of "The Original Kings of Comedy Tour"; DL Hugley, Cedric the Entertainer and Guy Torry (who was the original host at the beginning of tour). Via satellite, Mike Epps rounded out the celebrity guest. Mike Epps, along with the principal of Bernie and Rhonda's alma mater Chicago Vocational School (CVS), revealed and unveiled the renaming of CVS auditorium to the "Bernie Mac Auditorium".