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vatke              dielsii              pellegr              perrieri              hiern              forssk              delile              macbr              oliv              gmel              radlk              vollesen              schinz              cuatrec              lehmannii              manettia              dietr              puberula              hoffm              schlechteri              gossweileri              valeton              montrouz              lecidea              markgr              chodat              brassii              poepp              schumach              mansf              zeyh              bremek              thonn              zahlbr              steetz              appendiculatum              kosterm              hassl              polycarpaea              pierrei              gardneriana              burret              imbricatus              brongn              cambess              pilg              trinervis              desf              lilacina              tetrastigma             

Examples of "humbertii"
Dalbergia humbertii is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
Podocarpus humbertii is a species of conifer in the family Podocarpaceae. It is endemic to Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum humbertii is a species of orchid in the genus "Bulbophyllum".
Euphorbia humbertii is a species of plant in the Euphorbiaceae family. It is endemic to Madagascar. Its natural habitat is rocky areas. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Oeceoclades humbertii is a terrestrial orchid species in the genus "Oeceoclades" that is endemic to southeastern Madagascar, where it grows in xerophilous bush at altitudes from . It was first described by the French botanist Joseph Marie Henry Alfred Perrier de la Bâthie in 1939 as "Lissochilus humbertii" and moved to the genus "Eulophia" in 1975 by Friedhelm Reinhold Butzin. It was last transferred to the genus "Oeceoclades" in 2001 by Jean Marie Bosser and Philippe Morat. The type specimen was collected from the left bank of the Manambolo valley in the Mandrare River basin in either December 1933 or January 1934 when it was recorded as flowering by its collector Jean-Henri Humbert for whom the specific epithet "humbertii" honors. The small pseudobulbs are conical and heteroblastic (derived from only one internode). "Oeceoclades humbertii" is distinguished from all other "Oeceoclades" by its completely green flowers. It has only been collected twice including the type specimen; the other specimen was collected by Philippe Morat in 1973 from the Onilahy valley in the Ankazoabo gorges north of Betioky.
Ankarana Reserve, in the northwest, was established in 1956. It is a small, partially vegetated plateau composed of 150-million-year-old middle Jurassic limestone. With an average annual rainfall of about , the underlying rocks are susceptible to erosion, thereby producing caves and underground rivers—a karst topography. The rugged relief and the dense vegetation have helped protect the region from human intrusion. The Ankarana Reserve is an important refuge for significant populations of the crowned lemur ("Eulemur coronatus"), Sanford's brown lemur ("Eulemur sanfordi") and other mammal species. Species of "Podocarpus humbertii" is found in dry lowland deciduous forest, sub-humid forest, and in wooded heath on mountain summits of gneiss and granite in the province between 1600 and 2410 metres.
The Montagne des Français reserve protects deciduous dry forest characteristic of the north of Madagascar. Much of the forest is on a calcareous massif that has been eroded into karst formations known locally as Antsingy. The forested area ranges from 100–450 metres above sea level. This mountain is thought to receive more rain than the surrounding area (Antsiranana receives approximately 1000mm precipitation annually) which explains the lush vegetation in an otherwise very dry bioclimatic zone. Preliminary botanical and zoological inventories have been done that show these forests are rich in both fauna and flora and include a remarkable number of local and regional endemic species. In particular this is one of the best places to see one of the most beautiful baobabs, "Adansonia suarezensis" as well as an aloe, "Aloe suarezensis", both of which are restricted to this area of northern Madagascar. Other locally endemic plants of interest include a spectacular flame tree, "Delonix regia", the extremely rare "Diegodendron humbertii" that is the only representative of the family Diegodendronaceae and known from only a few dozen individuals, and "Baudouina solleyformis", which is used locally as a traditional protection against witchcraft. To date, 242 species from 58 families and 158 genera have been described from the Montagne des Français; the five most important families that account for over 40% of the species are the Rubiaceae, Fabaceae, Malvaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Sapindaceae.