Synonyms for humbled or Related words with humbled

awed              gratified              flattered              astounded              appeased              consoled              grieved              disheartened              saddened              overawed              comforted              heartened              vanquished              enthralled              slighted              unnerved              shamed              amused              mesmerized              placated              affronted              astonished              humiliated              upstaged              mystified              dumbfounded              awestruck              disrespected              rejoiced              enraptured              tormented              bemused              envied              adored              dismayed              outmatched              scorned              disgusted              appalled              amazed              offended              entranced              mesmerised              daunted              wooed              wronged              wearied              mortified              outwitted              outsmarted             

Examples of "humbled"
Walter Hill later said he felt "humbled" by the shoot:
Nevertheless certain men of Asher and Manasseh and of Zebulun humbled themselves, and came to Jerusalem. ()
Cornell would be humbled in the first round, losing to Missouri.
largely norteño and grupero, "I was so proud and humbled, at every turn
On receiving the award, Roberts-Smith said he was honoured and humbled;
Cornell would be humbled in the first round, losing to Stanford.
The parents interfered with this problem. Margarita humbled herself and spoke to Yvonne to let her son love Nene.
Nash also talks of how wilderness teaches us the value of humility. The problem is that humanity does not want to be humbled. Humans are a proud species who will do anything to avoid being humbled. To this end, we have ripped the wildness from the wilderness and removed all that causes any threat to our existence.
And I was blessed. I mean, it's a miracle. What do I attribute it to? First of all, I attribute it to God. And I'm utterly humbled and thankful. I'm a believer and so I'm humbled that God gave us this win. But right with that, God acts through people, and God acted through the people on my behalf.
“I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of these Liberal heroes,” said Manley. “I look forward to joining their ranks.”
Pierre's assassination on January 15, 1208 led to Raymond's excommunication. The excommunication was lifted after Raymond humbled himself before the Pope.
"I am stunned by the results and truly honored and humbled by the confidence that so many voters in Arizona have shown me today".
The first recitative, "" (O sinner, bear with patience), begins secco, but expresses the contrasting words "" (exalt) and "" (humbled) from the Gospel as an arioso.
Ultimately, a humbled and repentant Nick reunites with old friends, and with Susan, and carves an unexpected path to getting his film produced, this time on his terms.
After a good win over Sunderland in the third round Stoke were humbled by Third Division South side Swindon Town in a replay.
Yet by the end of the play he has been humbled: he marries the Hostess of the tavern where he resides, and becomes the Host.
Durel received BI Moody Award from Junior Achievement:
Abbasi also asked to be treated as a prisoner of war and declared he would be humbled to be regarded as a combatant, stating: