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Examples of "hurteau"
By-election: On Mr. Hurteau being unseated on petition, 24 November 1874
He was born in Contrecoeur, Lower Canada and educated at L'Assomption College. He studied law with notary Isidore Hurteau in Longueuil, later qualifying to practice as a notary. In 1859, he married Delphine Beaudoin. Hurteau served three years as mayor of St-Lin and three years as warden for the county. He also served as secretary-treasurer of schools. Hurteau was vice-president of the Laurentian Railway Company. His election in 1874 was overturned after an appeal but he won the subsequent by-election in 1875 by acclamation.
The main purpose of a program evaluation can be to "determine the quality of a program by formulating a judgment" Marthe Hurteau, Sylvain Houle, Stéphanie Mongiat (2009).
Hilaire Hurteau (May 4, 1837 – February 10, 1920) was a notary and political figure in Quebec. He represented L'Assomption in the Canadian House of Commons from 1874 to 1887 as a Liberal-Conservative member.
The premiere production of "The Rules of Charity" opened on April 23rd, 2005 at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, California. The production was directed by Chris Smith and featured Arwen Anderson, Gabriel Marin, David Warren Keith, Andrew Hurteau, and Sally Clawson.
Cardinal currently resides on the coast of British Columbia with his partner, producer, writer and comedian Monique Hurteau. His brother Lewis, a business consultant and human rights activist in Edmonton, was a New Democratic Party candidate in the 2011 federal election.
Cardinal is working on a documentary film titled "The Making of King Lear" (working title) with producers Jeff Dorn and Monique Hurteau for an anticipated 2014 release. "The Making of King Lear" is about the National Arts Centre theatre production of "King Lear", with an all-Aboriginal cast which included August Schellenberg as Lear, Billy Merasty, Jani Lauzon, Tantoo Cardinal, Kevin Loring, and Craig Lauzon, with Cardinal doing double-duty as both assistant director and the role of Duke of Albany.
Chance (Hurteau) (a.k.a. Chance Christ) had returned to being tattoo artist in 2005 under the name Chance Christ Superstar, and currently has been tattooing in San Diego, California. He also does artwork using the name "EyesoreArt" for bands (most recently for the Lower Class Brats), Zines, and music releases. He continues to write music and play bass, and from time to time he appears in small music projects; but has no immediate plans to pursue music full-time.
Daft Punk's Electroma (also known as Electroma) is a 2006 French-American science fiction-drama arthouse film by directed by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk. The story revolves around the quest of two robots (the band members, played by Peter Hurteau and Michael Reich) to become human. The music featured in the film is not by Daft Punk, which is a first for the duo after their previous film and home video releases, "" and "". The duo instead served as directors and co-wrote the film, along with Daft Arts manager Paul Hahn and collaborator Cédric Hervet. While initially receiving mixed reviews, theatrical screenings of "Electroma" have been well received.
Using a broadcast tape from the 1975 US performance, Centrediscs produced a three-record set of the complete opera (CMC-24/25/2685-3), which was launched in November 1985 at the 'Image of Riel in Canadian Culture' conference in Guelph, Ontario. Feldbrill conducted the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Turgeon and Roslak repeated their roles, and were joined by Donald Rutherford (Sir John A. Macdonald), Jean-Pierre Hurteau (Bishop Taché), Diane Loeb (Riel's mother), Ann Cooper (his sister), Ronald Bermingham (McDougall), and Remo Marinucci (Lépine).
Archambault was founded in 1896 by Edmond Archambault, who had originally wanted to open a sheet music store. In partnership with J.A. Hurteau, a major retailer of pianos, instruments and music accessories, Mr. Archambault opened his first store on the corner of Saint Denis and Sainte Catherine streets in Montreal. In 1919, Edmond Archambault became the store's sole owner, and in 1930, he decided to move to the corner of Berri and Sainte Catherine streets, where he built a seven-storey building, which he dubbed the "House of the Future". To this day, this building remains the home of Archambault Group's main office.